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Installing Windows on a Thinkpad 760xl

By vtec95si ·
Installing Windows on a Thinkpad 760xl with a cdrom drive that isnt bootable within the bios, how is it done i have the HD formatted and ready to go start up disks from every windows work until it goes for the cd and there isnt a cd drive because its being use by the floppy drive

i really need to know how to do this please

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A few different ways

by G.Brown In reply to Installing Windows on a T ...

1. Using another machine copy the CD to the HDD ... then you will just be able to boot from a floppy and install windows from your HDD without needing to put the CDrom in.

2. Make the HDD a systems disk and boot from it instead of the floppy ... you can then have your CD plugged in.

Check out this site for more ways and instructions:

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yeah ...

by vtec95si In reply to A few different ways

i thought of that i need to get one of those laptop hdd connecting cable adapter things

this laptop is annoying and old, glad it isnt mine =)

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Boot options

by Bagmaster50 In reply to Installing Windows on a T ...

On most thinkpads at startup you are given an option menu in the upper right corner of screen for F1 bios, F12 for boot options, press f12 key and then select boot from cd-rom. Make sure cd-rom drive is in the swap drive bay before turning on the laptop.

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Been there. Done that.

by toddnaomi In reply to Installing Windows on a T ...

I just did this an hour ago. I copied the contents of my boot disc to the C: drive, switched out the floppy for the cdrom, then rebooted off the hard drive. It loaded just like booting off of a floppy. (The only downside is that my cdrom is still mapped to the R: drive. I'll mess with that some other day.)

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