Installing WIndows with a USB stick

By gemuet ·
Hi Guys,
my problem is I have a notebook which has no CD/DVD-ROM.
It came with linux already installed.
Am using an IPWireless modem which has no drivers for linux,hence, can only work on windows.
I wish to format the linux and install Windows[XP/Vista] but since there's no cd/dvd-rom, a USB stick is my only option if I want to install windows. I have never done it before so am pleading anybody with some knowledge on how to do it to help.

Can somebody help me out?
Am also open to suggestions.


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First thing you need is a Windows Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installing WIndows with ...

You then copy this to the Root of the USB Drive complete.

Then you need to enter the BIOS and set the Boot Order to USB then HDD and save the changes as you exit BIOS. Please Note here you need a modern Note Book or a NetBook to be able to boot from USB.

Then when need to wipe the HDD so use something like Kill Disc available here

To wipe the HDD so you'll need another USB Stick to do this.

Then when the Drive is wiped it should take a couple of hours to finish you can reboot the system with the Windows USB Stick fitted and when prompted press any Key to start the Windows Loading Process.

Please note if you have a Atom CPU you should not use anything other than XP Home as those systems are not designed to run either XP Pro or Vista. You should stick with whatever Linux you have loaded as it will work better.


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by balge In reply to Installing WIndows with ...

are you sure the notebook can run XP (never mind Vista)? and is it bootable from USB?
what flavour Linux is running?
do you have a wired port you could connect to look for updates for Linux?


might help

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If the System is capable of supporting

by Jacky Howe In reply to Installing WIndows with ...

Vista you can try this as it works just the same for Vista as it does for W7 and it's a lot easier to do.

How do I ... create an installation flash drive for Windows 7?

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