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Installing Windows Xp Prof

By p.manuel ·
I have a Windows 98 on my Computer and would like to install Windows XP prof.
Ram is only 32mb and XP Prof requires 64mb.
Do i have to upgrade or purchace bigger 64Mb for computer.
How do I go about it.

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by dmiles In reply to Installing Windows Xp Pro ...

You will want to meet the minimum requirement for XP installation,considering that it uses a lot of memory resources that could cause problems such as computer hanging or programs not being able to open

If planning to install memory,first you want to check the memory inside teh case and get a compatible module to the one you have,check the motherboard manual or website for info on memory upgrade or look up the site to kingston memoy and they have an excellent guide.More important you may want to check with a more knowledgeabel person to help with this project to get the hang or it.

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by TheChas In reply to Installing Windows Xp Pro ...

Yes, you will need more memory to install XP.

My personal rule-of-thumb, is to have at least twice the minimum system requirements for ANY version of Windows.

So, for XP I suggest that you install at least 128MB of RAM.

If you have a name brand PC (Gateway, Dell, HP, Compaq, etc.) you can use the tools at the major memory manufactures web sites to recommend the correct RAM for your system.

If your system uses SDRAM DIMMs, I recommend that you find older "single density" DIMMs. As these are more apt to be compatible with older systems.

Better yet, take your PC to a local dealer and have them install the RAM and verify that it works in your PC.

Before investing anything in new RAM, I suggest that you perform a XP compatibility test.
This way, you can find out if you have any other hardware issues for running XP.
Some video cards, sound cards, and modems do NOT have good XP drivers.
Same for some older printers and scanners.

Try the XP Readiness Test at

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by compserv In reply to Installing Windows Xp Pro ...

You also don't want to forget about the CPU. I belive the minimum for XP is 333 MHZ or close to that. And 64 MB of Ram is the Min, but they recomend at least 128 MB. Like was said before a computer shop will be the best place to take it because they know what to do to make it run (and if it dosn't run, what to do to fix it).

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