Installing WinXP SATA Driver without floppy

By simon.pendlebury@ticketli ·

I have just been asked to purchase a specific laptop for my MD, but it has MCE installed. I want to do a clean install with XP Pro but it has an unsupported disk controller.

Being a new laptop, it doesn't have a FDD. Is there a way to install the third party driver without using a floppy, or am I going to have to invest in a USB floppy drive? I have searched the MS Knowledge base and Googled for it but can't find anything.

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by Steven S. Warren In reply to Installing WinXP SATA Dri ...

Check out slipstreaming your install disk and adding the SATA driver. I did it. Check out Nlite.

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Where is the driver now?

by jdmercha In reply to Installing WinXP SATA Dri ...

If you have the driver on CD, then the XP installation should pause and allow you to load the driver you need. This is done near the begining of the XP install. I've never tried it, but you have to do that for a SCSI drive too.

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Just discovered nLite...

...and thought I'd give it a try. It does seem to be the best idea.

As for installing the driver while bootng, for some reason MS decided that SATA drivers only ever come on a floppy..

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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No FDD use Nlite

by maiqbal In reply to Installing WinXP SATA Dri ...

Please download nlite (freeware) and create a windows installation bundled with required drivers. This will allow you to install XP without spending for a USB FDD.

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