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Installing XP on Corrupt Hard Drive

By shoryuken_justice ·
My computer got infected with a virus. Every time it would start up, it would shut down less than a minute later, flashing some message about some error in Windows, but it was too fast to read. Anyway, before it became completely inoperable, I was able to get enough data backed up to keep me happy, so I got ready to reformat and reinstall Windows XP.
Here's where the the problem came: When I restarted my computer and told it to boot off the CD, for some reason, the option for installing XP was darkened out. When I tried to to type the number next to it, it jumped into a Windows installation screen, loaded all the drivers, then booted up Windows like normal, with no input from me whatsoever.
Since the reformats I've done in the past have been using the XP install program, I wasn't sure how to reformat any other way. So I got a program called PartitionMagic. I found my partition, I reformatted it, deleted the partition, and created a new, fresh one (I have a feeling this is where things started to go wrong). Now, however, when I tried to install XP, it did the same thing; blanking out my choices, and starting up Windows after seemingly preparing to install beforehand. This time, however, instead of launching Windows, it gave me a blue screen message. It tells me Windows was shut down because of an error. At the end, it says "STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000800, 0xF9E7D3C4, 0xF9E7D0C0)"

Since the first sentence convinced me that the computer still thought Windows was installed somehow (the supposed reformatting only took a few seconds, which didn't seem right), I decided to nuke the entire drive with KillDisk, and try again. 40 minutes later, no dice.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can install XP? My BIOS is American MegaTrends. Thanks a lot.

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by bluenose5709 In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

Have you tried to remove the hard drive and connect it to another machine as an external USB device (you will need a HDD Caddy to do this) then try to format the disc as if it were a USB Stick, After doing this reinstall and try your windows build from the XP Disc

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by Jacky Howe In reply to

Go to this address.

Download 98SE OEM and create the floppy. Change the BIOS to boot from the floppy. At the command prompt type in FDISK. Create the Primary Partition and set it to Active. Exit FDISK and restart the PC with the Floppy. At the command prompt type in "format c: /u" without the quotes.
When it has formatted restart the PC and change the BIOS to Boot from CD. Insert the XP CD and follow the prompts, remembering to convert the drive to NTFS.

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by dmiles In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

Partition Magic is the right program for what you want to do,if you purchased the software from a computer store it should have a booklet to reference how to delete and format

Before starting make sure that you have only on drive connected if their is more that one
Insert the cd in drive,it should auto start
When the screen comes up that ask what you want to do,choose option to delete and format

When you get to screen that shows diagram of drive,on hte tool bar should be tools or filter through until you see delete in the drop down menu,the partition should be highlighted,so now follow the onscreen prompts it should take a few minutes,once this action is complete

Go back to tool bar and select format,proceed with this action.

Once the actions are complete insert XP cd in drive and it should auto start to reinstall

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by shoryuken_justice In reply to

It seems like this might be the way to go, but when I did it a few hours ago, I formatted, then deleted (instead of delete and format). Now, I've just got 20 GB of unallocated space. Should I make a new, primary partition? As far as my computer is concerned, there doesn't appear to be a C drive at all. Should it be the primary or logical? Should it be unformatted, NTFS or FAT32? Thanks.

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by shoryuken_justice In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

When I first did this, I thought that the options to install were blanked out, although my monitor was experiencing color problems at the time. I've relocated the computer to a better power supply, and I should probably mention that the install options aren't faded; just blue.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

It can be unformatted, unallocated space or formatted, it doesn't matter. During install XP will prompt you for either the partition to install to or ask if you want to format and give you the option to choose the format type, FAT32 or NTFS.
The only problem you'll likely have with unallocated space would be if there was another formatted partition on the drive. If there's another partition it's assigned the drive letter C: and will remain the letter C: even after installation. The way to avoid that is to have a formatted, empty, Primary partition before the other Partition(s). XP allows 4 Primary per harddrive.

The OS must install at the beginning of the first Primary position.

If using PartitionMagic and formatting a Primary partition prior to installation make sure that there isn't even a single cluster unallocated before the beginning of the partition, (at the left of the drive's graphic.)

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

My advice is download a HDD low level utility, and delete all kind of information from your HDD, with low level format. After this you can install the WindowsXP to the blank HDD. (Creat the partitions, format and install.

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by ctrservices In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

As suggested above, download and run the hard drive utility from the manufacturer of your HD. This will reset it to factory specs. Be sure if it asks to tell it to set up to run with XP.

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by wlbowers In reply to Installing XP on Corrupt ...

Boot to a windows 98 disk with fdisk on it. Start fdisk and remove all dos and non dos partitions.

Now boot to the xp cd and do your install on a clean partition.

Sometimes XP does not like the formating that partition magic does.


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