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Installing XP on system with only a sata hard drive, how

By razzbarry ·
I am building a new system with Asus P5NSLI, Intel Core 2 Duo cpu, Corsair CM2X512-5400C4 dual channel memory and one Seagate Baracuda

320 GB SATA hard drive.

Someone said it could be memory incompatibality but I ram memtest for 8 hours and never got any errors.

I am using XP Home SP2b. When I try to install XP it sees the hard drive, detects it is 305GB and formats it. Then it starts to copy files from the

CD. All works fine until the install tries to boot from the HD to finsih the installation. It does not find the drive and just tries to re-install XP again

unless I change the boot order to the HD. When I do that it just hangs.

I read some posts here about installing the raid drivers. I used MakeDisk and made a NIVIDIA Raid 32 bit SATA RAID Driver. I assume this is the

right driver since I am installing a 32 bit XP.

I tried to use that during install and hit F6 and after XP loaded a bunch of files it asked for the driver diskette. I loaded that and hit S. It has been

running for over half an hour with the diskette light on and a message Windows Setup and the status line says Please wait. Just how long do I need

to wait?

Was this what I was supposed to do? OR do I need to set up RAID for one Sata drive?

I am pretty much lost. I have been trying to get this thing working for 4 days now and I am no further along than when I started.

What is the procedure for installing XP on a system with only one HD when that HD is a SATA drive? Do I have to set RAID up even though I dont want the RAID functions?


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Same Boat Maybe?

by BorgInva In reply to Installing XP on system w ...

I am not sure if anything here will help, but I have the same situation. I have an ECS Extreme PF21 mother board with SATA slots and a 400G Hitachi SATA drive. It took me awhile last year to do it, and I had to redo it all last week after a major crash and it was easier since I remembered what I did.

BIOS sees the drive, formatted or not. When booting, I get prompts that say it sees no drives what-so-ever (and there is even an 100G IDE drive in there as a slave). I was never able tog et my WXP PRO SP2 slipstream CD to boot and format the drive for me because I kept getting BSOD errors, relating to corrupted drive controllers. What I did to eventually get it working was simple enough for me to wonder why I did not do it before. I used my 98 Boot Disk with the latest FDISK, and FDISKed the drive to a new partition, and set it as active and primary. I did not format it. I booted off the CD again and it saw the partition and formatted for me. All went well. I never bothered with any RAID stuff. I do not know enough of it to do so.

Now I see the difference you and I had. Yours installs but after booting, thinks it is not done and keeps trying. Maybe you might want to give it a try for quick kicks. It may be something with the partition. Just wipe it out with a 98 Boot and FDISK, recreated it, and boot off the CD.

I do not know what kind of CD you are using (OEM, homemade, manufacturer's), but mine is a homemade XP SP2 slipstream I made from using an actual XP PRO and the SP2 file, with some directions. Maybe you might want to give that a try too, making your own. If so, let me know and I will pull up the actual site I used for the directions (I am not at that PC at the moment), or you can search for ?XP SP2 slipstream?.

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OS I am using

by razzbarry In reply to Same Boat Maybe?

I could not get my original pre SP1 XP Home to work so I bought a new XP Home with SP2b. That is what I am using. But there is one very interesting detail. A friend lent me an XP Pro CD and that worked all the way to the key entry screen to test the machine hardware. The HD booted after the initial load just like it is supposed to. Maybe your suggestion will help. I will partition the HD with 30 GB for OS and programs and the rest for data.


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Install XP Home on SATA not allow large primary partition.

by razzbarry In reply to Installing XP on system w ...

God is Microsoft stupid!!!! XP Home SP2b will not allow a primary partition of 320 GB. Those jerks could have checked for size and told us that, But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I spent a week trying to figure out what they could have told me in a millisecond. Someone may know how large the primary partition can be but MS sure is keeping it a secret.

Anyway, I created a 20GB primary DOS partition with a Win 98SE start us disk, made it bootable and formatted it. Before I formatted it, it would not show up in the file tree. I probably could have done this with the XP setup CD. But someone recommended this and it worked.


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