installing XP onto a second SATA hard drive

By ivor.burridge ·
My PC is running Vista. I have installed a second SATA hard drive. It shows in Device Manager as working properly. It shows in 'my computer', and it shows in Disk Management, so I am sure that it is properly installed.
I want to run XP on the new drive, copy all of my files, folders and programmes onto it and then get rid of Vista from my original drive. I hate Vista!
However, when I try to install XP from the CD, I get as far as pressing F8 to accept, then the screen does not show the new volume. It says that there is no disk in the drive! Anybody got any ideas please?

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SATA came after XP

by JamesRL In reply to installing XP onto a seco ...

So a copy of XP doesn't have the needed SATA drivers on it.

Generally the process is to put those drivers on a diskette (find them on the net) and then there is a point early in the XP install where it asks you about third party HD drivers - that the point where you say yes, and point the installer to the files on the diskette.


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JRL's Anniversary

by shasca In reply to SATA came after XP

Looking at your response, I noticed post date, and membership date. Tommorrow is your 8th anniversary with TR. Will there be cake??

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I doubt it

by JamesRL In reply to JRL's Anniversary

I had a previous ID after it started, so I don't remember when it was.... I know it was not long after I started my new job in 1999, and Gartner group suggested TechRepublic some time after that.


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Well a couple of things first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to installing XP onto a seco ...

As James quite rightly said SATA Came after XP so you need to install the SATA Driver for your M'Board & XP.

If you want to replace the Vista OS you Must Disconnect the Vista Drive First. If you do not the System will not boot when you remove the Vista HDD as the very basic Startup Files will no longer be present these are copied to the Root of the C Drive and when you remove it the are gone. If you wanted to Dual Boot this system then you could leave the Vista HDD connected but as you want to remove thew Vista Install at the very least you need to disconnect the drive before installing XP.

Now if you go to your System Makers or M'Board Makers Web Site you can download the SATA Driver for this M'Board. Some M'Board Makers call these RAID Drivers so you need to be aware of this and you need to get the XP SATA Driver.

Now to load the SATA Driver you need to copy this to the Root of a Floppy that means just copy the Driver Files tot he Floppy without any Folders. When you start the install process at the first Blue screen to appear you need to push the F6 Key and wait till you are prompted to insert the A Drive and then press enter.

Now most Modern computers no longer have floppy Drives this will most likely not work for you and you Can Not use a USB Thumb Drive. The answer is quite simple you need to make a Slipstreamed Install Disc and include the SATA Driver. To do this you can follow the instructions listed here


Or download this PDF File which is a PDF version of the TR Article that I posted above


Or use a product like nLite to make a slipstreamed Install Disc


If you decide to use nLite make sure to read the On Line Instructions listed here under Guides


If you have a Realtech Sound Device I would advise including it's Drivers in the Slipstreamed Install Disc as you need to install the Sound Drivers Before connecting to the Windows Update Server if you do not install the sound drivers before connection to the Windows Update Server you will be unable to install them until you either add a Sound Blaster Card or wipe and reload the system.

While you have Vista Running you should also open the Device Manager and make a full list of your Hardware and then look for XP Drivers. If you are unable to get any XP Drivers continue to use Vista or go to a Non Windows OS as your current Hardware Will Not work with XP well the bits that you can not get drivers for at least. Many new systems that are now being sold do not have any XP drivers available for them so you can not use XP on them successfully.

If you can not get XP Drivers for all your hardware and you dislike Vista so much that you must get rid of it I suggest Mandriva Linux 2009 or PCOS Linux the current version both of these will work with your current hardware and be Rock Solid.

Mandriva is available for download here


PC OS is available for download here


If you can get a complete set of XP drivers reconnect the Vista Drive after getting XP loaded and it's drivers installed and boot the system. Allow whichever OS to load and then Open My Computer and copy your Files across to your XP HDD. When you have finished you can power down and remove the Vista Drive. Your XP system is now complete.

Best of luck with your planed Upgrade to your Computer.


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SATA Controller Drivers

by willcomp In reply to installing XP onto a seco ...

You will need to install F6 drivers or slipstream them into XP CD for XP to recognize your SATA hard disk.

There is one other possibilty providing you can change SATA controller to IDE in BIOS. We'll need specific system information to help you there.

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