installing xp sp2 on a 1tb drive

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I'm looking to upgrade to a larger drive. Currently i'm on a xp system with an 80gb drive. From what i understand, xp sp3 doesn't have any problems with a 1tb drive. The problem of course is that my xp cd is sp2, and from my reading, i see sp2 won't format over 128gb. Since i obviously can't upgrade to sp3 until after the install, this presents a problem. I'd like to have just one partition for the entire drive. I'm just not sure how to do that. Can i use a 3rd party software to format the drive with a single partition, and then install my xp sp2? Not sure if it makes a difference, but my xp is the full home edition. Recommendations of a decent free partitioning software would help also.

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You want to create a slipstream XP SP3 CD

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to installing xp sp2 on a 1t ...

The following like should help you understand how to create one :)


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Several other approaches...

by Galaxy4643 In reply to installing xp sp2 on a 1t ...

If you can access the old and new drive in the same computer you can transfer the old XP to the new drive . Then expand the partiton on the larger hard drive with gparted .

If you want a fresh XP install on the larger hard drive simply install XP and then used gParted to expand the partition.

Both Clonezilla and gParted can be burned to CD's and are free downloads. CD's are bootable.

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