Installing XP to a custom pc

By Jay Purple ·
Hey; this is my second computer I've built for myself; I'm very experienced with computer hardware (even made a 4-pin CPU plug for a psu without one; Email me if you'd like details)

Anywhom; My problem is this: I've constructed a custom computer which I've had XP running on for a good 3 or so months. Recently I went to defrag the HD (seagate 13GB) and it blue-screened every time on startup after that. So I went to re-install XP and lo and behold; it bluescreens when starting from the disc (2002 OEM edition from my laptop) I know the disc works because I've used it multiple times before and it's worked.

I've gone as far as to order a free Ubuntu disc; which is getting posted here.

Specs are:
Intel Pentium III processor, 650Ghtz
13GB IDE Seagate HD
(Unknown / unbranded mobo)
512mb RAM

Thanks for any help,

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Well I would start off with the easy things here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Installing XP to a custom ...

Test the HDD with it's makers Testing Utility Seatools for DOS available here

Make a Boot Disc and then if you are using Floppies make the Sea Tools Disc and boot off the Floppy Boot Disc when, the system is running insert the Sea Tools Disc and run the Exe File to test the HDD. It has most likely failed here and needs attention.

If you are using a CD as a Boot Disc you can make a CD Boot Disc and add the Sea Tools EXE File tot he CD before burning it.

As for the XP install Disc if this is a System Makers Recovery Disc it is a Slipstreamed Install Disc for only the Hardware that it was designed to load the OS to and Can Not be used to load other computers. It simply lacks the necessary Drivers for different hardware so it BSOD out when it attempts to locate a driver that it doesn't have. Not to mention that it's also a form of Piracy that can get you into masses of problems with M$ AU.


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HDC driver

by oldbaritone In reply to Installing XP to a custom ...

You may need to "Press F6 to load additional drivers" and load a manufacturer-specific driver for the disk controller, instead of using the generic one.

Another option may be to put the controller into "IDE-compatible" mode, esp if it's a newer SATA controller. Also maybe try disabling DMA during the install, until after the mfgr's drivers are loaded.

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