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Instant Messaging in the Corporate World

By dlragsdale ·
I work with a team of 30+ IT members. I am a Systems Analyst for our Manufacturing division of the publicly owned company. Our telecom/communications guy wants to implement Skype in our business to help cut down on telecom bills, particularly international calls. Also, we are in a testing phase for the video calls solution to replace our current ISDN lines that we use for video conferencing.

I need help! The entire IT department, including our CIO is on board with implementing Skype (or some other solution) to cut down long distance bills and video conferencing.

It's the Legal department that has a major problem with the Instant Messaging portion of Skype. We have had IM in Lotus Notes at one time and they (Legal) said NO NO NO!

What can we do, as an IT department, to help prove our case that Skype is a good solution in cutting costs as well as provides an excellent tool for communication between departments?

Also, did I mention that our IT department is spread out over the world in 3 countries? Not to mention our 20+ remote sites in the U.S.

What would you do in our situation? How would you go about overcoming this obstacle?
Thanks in advance

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I am curious to know WHY your legal department objects...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Instant Messaging in the ...

to using Skype? I would start by examining those objections 1 by 1 and rebutting each of them on legal grounds.

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Do you have to implement the IM?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Instant Messaging in the ...

Can you implement Skype for voice without the IM client?

Posted by one who is admittedly befuddled by the advantages of IM.

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by m61 In reply to Instant Messaging in the ...

a cost/benefit analysis or something. a report that shows we spend $X.xx per month/year now, and if we use skype [or other IM] will spend $Y.yy per month/year

and maybe with the savings, throw in a salary increase or something for the legal dept.

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Maybe that would be

by seanferd In reply to maybe

the accounting department.

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Skype is NOT the answer for VOIP in a Professional Organization

by brian.nahodil In reply to Instant Messaging in the ...

We utilize an outside vender for VOIP to integrate our Outside Customer Service Representatives taking calls at home. SKYPE does not and will not work with our equipment and it is an invitation to a five star migraine.

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