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By Jessica Lynn ·
Does anyone know of a way to block the use of IM (yahoo, AOL etc) by a firewall? We want to completely turn this feature off our network. Setting a no IM policy doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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Depends on your firewall/proxy solution

by JamesRL In reply to Instant Messanger

Firewalls will can block specific addresses so you can find the addresses these clients use (a sniffer might help here)and block them. Some proxies can tell what kind of client you use - block all except your accepted browser.

You can also block the download sites where you get the software from in the first place. This isn't foolproof as users can bring it in from home, but it helps.

I recommend redirecting anyone who attempt to go to places to download the software to an internal web page with a nice scary message about your policy and its penalties.

You have quite another issue in the fact you have policies people ignore. Its quite simple here. When you are issued with a network id you must read and sign the form acknowledgingthe policy. If you disobey you are warned. If you disobey again your manager is notified. Third strike, HR is notified.You don't want IT to be cops, just the people running the systems. We also force users to put in their id and password every day when they fiorst access the internet, and the login screen reminds them of the usage policy.

You need to find away to get your policies well known, understood, and there has to be some kind of penalty for non-compliance.


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I agree

by Jessica Lynn In reply to Depends on your firewall/ ...

I agree with you. However, we are extremely liberal with our users and don't want to restrict them if we don't need to. Plus I don't have time to be computer police.

Does anyone by chance know the ports MSN Messanger and Yahoo Messanger use?AOL uses 5190.

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by Jessica Lynn In reply to Instant Messanger

I found the easiest and cheapest solution. There is a program called TerminatorX . I set it to run via log-on script and it shuts down unauthorized programs every 2 seconds. Very cheap site license and a free trial.

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