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    Instant Messenger


    by dhtechus ·

    A friend of mine was complaining that their IT manager was suggesting curtailing the use of instant messenger in their network, after a outbreak of virus last week. Remember this outbreak occured bcos of email(not through messenger), received from one of their vendors.
    My friend feels,removing IM use is not going to solve this problem and I feel the same too.Only effective policy will keep the network safe and effective policy doesn’t mean not to ban certain softwares which are useful in their own way.

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      I will take the zero sum approach

      by james r linn ·

      In reply to Instant Messenger

      What benefit is IM doing the business.

      I know IM is a big time waster for some, and potentially a vector for viruses(one can trasmit files and such and avoid going through the filters on the email system).

      You may think all viruses come through email, because most recent ones did, but many of us remember when viruses infected bootsectors of floppy disks or embedded themselves in Excel or Word macros.The truth is people who write viruses look for vulnerabilities – today they focus on email, tomorrow maybe it will be IM (or maybe not).

      We dont and will not ever allow Instant Messaging on our site – we have email and telephones and web servers and threaded discussions. We don’t see a benefit that outweighs the risks.


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        We went halfway

        by sheilau ·

        In reply to I will take the zero sum approach

        We use IM as a communication tool internally, but have blocked file transfer and external contact. This allows us to provide the tool to the users with the security that we feel comfortable with.

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      Kinda Sorta Like

      by ebob ·

      In reply to Instant Messenger

      Yes, ‘Goner’ did NOT spread because of IM. So you and your friend do have a point. Your point being that IM did not contribute to the spread of ‘Goner’.

      Your manager, by your description, is missing the point.

      Here’s a tip. If you would like to get on your manager’s good side: help him/her/it understand:
      1 – IM did not contribute to the spread of ‘Goner’, and other email viruses/worms/etc.
      2 – develop a metric to determine IF Instant Messenger actually has any value in your organisation(you both need to be open-minded)
      3 – develop a policy to MANAGE the use of ALL tools, including EMail, IM, Anti-Virus, Internet, etc.

      This will be good for your career.

      Here’s a viewpoint: I personally disagree with a number of policies in place at my current employer. I believe they are outdated, and reveal a naievity from the early 1990’s, but do not reflect the real-world of the early part of the 21st Century. Big Deal! If it is my ‘personal’ network, I can do as I want. It isn ‘t, so I do as ‘they’ want.
      And on some issues, I carefully steer the discussions. And I usually try to get ‘them’ to make the suggestion to change/write the policies.

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