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Instant Shutdown of IBM R32 Laptop (XP)

By MI2 ·
I have strange "power-off" problem, with new IBM R32 laptop: Type 2658-MG2, running Win XP Professional. Drives = NTFS.

To help config new PC I first connected to Internet without Security Software installed. First task was download Win-XP updates ... I installed all necessary Win-XP security patches.

I've been making all I-Net connex thru an ISP called "CS-Internet" in Bangkok. At time of these early incidents, this ISP appeared to be experiencing tech problems for extended periods.After only about 2 weeks of use, I noticed unusual packet & hard disk activity. On one occasion, I had to disconnect by pulling modem cable ... browser was not responding. Few days later, I received 3 peculiar e-mails. One of which boasted I now needed to get either: a new hard disk, a new computer, and/or a new ISP!

The following day I commenced intensive project to render my R32 laptop secure from intrusion of any kind. I installed Spy Sweeper, Security Boost, and Firewall applications. I then located and remove many adware apps & cookies. But, no Trojans were identified.

Nonetheless, and since that time, my laptop has experienced a total shut down on 6 different occasions, of its own accord, without warning. Meaning, there is no shutdown sequence, simply click ... "zap" ... accompanied by a very short squeak of the audible alarm. This transition from 'full on' to 'full off' is "instant".

Despite efforts at maintaining high level of security (keeping updated virus and spyware definitions, and performing full disk sweeps using them) my laptop is still prone to this instant shut-off problem.

It has continued after I updated the BIOS, and a number of drivers (including Power Management updates) from IBM.

Bearing in mind the content of that maliciously worded e-mail, does anyone have any idea what might be causing this intermittent shutdown problem? Have I been hacked?

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Instant Shutdown of IBM R32 Laptop (XP)

by Oz_Media In reply to Instant Shutdown of IBM R ...

I had the exact same problem with my R31.
IBM's 'helpful' support desk seems to always say "F11" whenever you ask a question and I got frustrated with them.
I ended up reformatting anyway to get a clean install and updated the BIOS and Power management, the problem stopped.

There is a setting, sorry I couldn't find it today, that allows the system to reboot when an error is encountered. Disabling this will bring up a BSOD with the error code info to trace your errors, try asking IBM how to toggle the feature, it's been a while since I disabled mine.

As for the email, it is probably just SPAM crap but you bever know, read the header info and trace it back to the original IP. Form there you can do a whios search to find out who theISP is and report malicious email from the sender.
A good paper on learning email SPAM decrypting is found at

Good luck, post back with any new info you have.

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Instant Shutdown of IBM R32 Laptop (XP)

by herrlizard In reply to Instant Shutdown of IBM R ...

Hmmm...never experienced that before. Definitely take OzMedia's advice and wipe your drive clean and reimage the OS. If you still have the problem after that and your BIOS settings are AOK, then get on IBM for assistance.

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