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Insufficient Memory

By techadmin ·
Dear Sir,
I have PIV 1.6 GHz with 256 MB RAM windows 98 se and office 2000 installed.
I connect to the Netware 3.12 server in lan. I use dos based programs too which are installed on server.
I am unale to work in two dos screens. Whene ever I open one application in commaned prompt it works fine. and kepping it open when i open another program in dos it says "Insufficient Memory"

What is the problem ?


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by Oz_Media In reply to Insufficient Memory

In a nutshell, 'insufficient memory'.

THis may be an issue with the upper memory but it is probably more likely due to low RAM.

You can see how your memory is being used by downloading a trial version of a memeory manager, such as memturbo.

Try searching a download portal like or for 'memory manager'.

THis will allow you to set a memory threshold that when memory drops below a certain level, the system frees up unused yet reserved RAM.

By watching the meter, you will see just how much ram is being used and if it is dropping too low.

I will take a pretty safe guess that adding more ram will help. Win98 doesn't really like more than 384Megs but 2K is fine with a load of ram.

I'd recommend another 128.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Sorry, ignore the 2K I thought you were dual booting on a Win2k box. Gotta slow down when reading.

Yup, try another 128 Win98 is that resourceful.

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by darts32 In reply to Insufficient Memory

Before you go out and buy more RAM, try editing the config.sys and increase the size of the files and buffers.

I do not remember what the default is. I think files is 60 and buffers is 30.

Enter 80 for files and 40 for buffers. Test and increase from there. As always make a copy of your current config.sys so you can reload in case of a problem.

Here is a link to provide some info also:

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by techadmin In reply to

Thanks you have solved mmy problem.....

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by techadmin In reply to Insufficient Memory

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