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Insufficient sys. resources exist...?

By jenbell88 ·
I just recently had a friend install Windows XP Pro on my computer because my Windows XP Version was messed up and I couldn't get it fixed. Pro worked for about a week.. and now I can't even log into my computer. Every time it starts up it gets to the login screen and it comes up with an lsass.exe error that says "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API".. I've tried Recovery Discs.. and I tried pushing the button that will let you reformat or restore and i also tried to push the button that will let you restore your computer to it's original settings (the way you bought it) and every time i do one of these, none of them work. the only thing that works of the buttons is F1 (the setup button) The recovery disks come up saying that it can't be used on any computer but an HP Pavilion, but that's what my computer is. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. Thank you.

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by compserv In reply to Insufficient sys. resourc ...

have you tried booting to safe mode (press f8 while booting until you get a menu that has Safe Mode as an option) you chould have too many drivers loading sapping the power of a computer. Also when your freind installed Windows did you make sure that you meet the min. Requerments for it that chould also be your prob. And as far as the restore Disks It chould be that it dosn't like the NTFS that XP put it in??? im not sure on that.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Insufficient sys. resourc ...

That's the Sasser worm (or one of the many variants out there that trigger the same vulnerability in LSASS.EXE) hitting you.
You need the patch to stop all of the variants from doing this. Go here for info:

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by kathyjp In reply to Insufficient sys. resourc ...

HP Pavilion recovery disks have a compatability problem with winXP sp1. HP has a patch for the problem that you have to download with another computer and save to a floppy disk. Instructions on installing the patch are on this page also.

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by mccjames In reply to Insufficient sys. resourc ...

If you were receiving the 'low disk space warning', you may just have too much on your hard drive. Use the Windows 2000/XP installation disk to gain access to the Recovery Console. There you can access the command prompt, and delete some files. Try not to delete windows system files, I would suggest the following extentions: .mp3, .jpg, .avi, .mpg,

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Just a little help.

by ksmith In reply to Insufficient sys. resourc ...

As far as the error msg goes I believe it is a virus and am researching the issue as I type.

As for the HP msg saying you don't have one, HP does know about this problem and as of last I heard they will send you replacment CDs that will restaore the PC.

God luck and if I find a fix for this I will let you know!

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