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Insuffient(sp) server space

By ssb_0227steve ·
Running 1.1 Ghz, XP-Pro 1GB memeory, updates current.
When I map a drive, or share a folder on an NTFS partion,the message "insuffient server space' pops up when I rry to access from this machine or a networked client. This just recently started. the share shows up on the network. I just cannot access it. I have uninstalled all recent activity. I have reread everything on shares/permissions and probably missed the clue.

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Insuffient(sp) server spa ...;en-us;177078

IrpStackSize errors are a varied lot. HP Printer drivers are known for this, and as mhkwood noted above several Anti-virus programs can cause Irp errors.

Please follow the advice in the linked article above and do not be overly ambitious in setting a new value. The recommendation is to add 3 to the existing value. Too high a value can lead to the same error.

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by ssb_0227steve In reply to

I did everything as presribed. Remapped and same eooro? Bumped value fro 12 to 15. Doc says default values 15, but wasn't?
Thanks, bump to 18?

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by ssb_0227steve In reply to Insuffient(sp) server spa ...

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