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Intalling a new 320g hard drive to a Compaq board with a 137GB limit.

By hapa642002 ·
The board has a limitation of 137GB, is there a way to break through that to get the full 320GB capacity?

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Can you throw a Porsche engine into a Toyota and expect it to run the same?

by ManiacMan In reply to Intalling a new 320g hard ...

You're asking a question in which I'm sure you already know the answer to. Try to see if there is a BIOS upgrade that will address the drive limitation issue, but if there isn't, you're out of luck. How old is this system anyway, because if it's too old, it may not have a BIOS upgrade that will handle such large drive sizes?

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External USB, or add a hard drive controller

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Intalling a new 320g hard ...

Instead of installing an internal drive, use an external drive connected by USB.

If you must have the drive inside the case, add a new HD controller card. You'll have to change the BIOS to disable the controller on the motherboard.

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Two good options above, here is another

by IC-IT In reply to Intalling a new 320g hard ...

You may also want to consider creating 3 partitions on the drive. That way you will have full use of the drive space. (Definately check for a BIOS update first).

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