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Intalling on a 17gig hard drive

By bobbys ·
I have mandrake 6.0 and I am trying to upgrade my hard drive to a 17gig. The installation goes fine and all looks well. When it is finnished and reboots it makes it to about the building rpm's says ok then boom. Something about proccess to quickly and then locks. I did manage to get it going with no network and some dir missing. I think the problem is the computer's 300amd 64 ram bios is to old. It may think its a 8gig drive so linux is writting over the dir it installs. I just want to get someinput before I go hacking up this drive. Its just strange that everything installs fine but boots with everything missing. Ohh one more thing when I or if I split up this drive do I use fdisk? It seems that when I have done that in the past I had todelete them in linux because it said no room to install. They were dos partitions. I really thought when you were makeing the partitions in linux that was what you were doing spliting up the drive..humm Thanks

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Intalling on a 17gig hard drive

by McKayTech In reply to Intalling on a 17gig hard ...

It does sound like either a BIOS problem or a partition problem.

I prefer to use the Linux Fdisk rather than the dos/windows Fdisk but you need to remember that neither tool can re-size a partition; they can only create, destroy or configure. Soif you have an existing DOS partition that takes up the whole hard drive, Linux will not find any unpartitioned space on which to create it's partition(s).

The new version of PartitionMagic can accomplish a split or re-sizing and supports Linux partitions as well as nearly every other common partition type (FAT32, NTFS).


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Intalling on a 17gig hard drive

by bobbys In reply to Intalling on a 17gig hard ...

Yes but I need to make 3 drives c,d,e 8meg,8meg,1meg. I cant do this in dos as there would be no room. How do I make the drives in linux?

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