Integrated GPU apparently bad; added GPU card; still no signal to monitor

By Ptools ·
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No signal to monitor
Checked cable; tried various cables
Been thinking about replacing old monitor, bought a new one (Dell P2219H)
Still no signal; deduced integrated GPU was bad
Purchased SAPPHIRE pulse RADEON RX580 & power cable
Installed card; connected to power supply (REVOLUTION Xt) 12 pin to 8 pin at card
No signal at monitor, so impossible to install drivers

Appreciate any help.
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by Ptools In reply to Integrated GPU apparently ...

Windows 10 64-bit

Asus Z170-A
Intel Core i7 processor
64GB dual-channel DDR4 2133

Sixth-generation, four core/eight thread Core i7 processor

500GB SSD M.2 550 system drive, with 3D V-NAND technology
2TB 6Gbits/s SATA audio drive

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Member profile doesn't seem to have details.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Integrated GPU apparently ...

Some PCs won't boot with that card (PCs without EUFI BIOS.)

I can't check this out because I don't see what PC or motherboard we have here.

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by Ptools In reply to Member profile doesn't se ...

Thanks, rproffit.

I posted the specs in an immediate first answer to my question. Assumed it would be visible. (First time here, so not sure how that works.) The specs are also in my profile.

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Motherboard specs, including BIOS

by Ptools In reply to Member profile doesn't se ...
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A few thoughts.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Integrated GPU apparently ...

1. What profle? I looked at your member profile and from what I see, no PC details. TR Forums work differently so maybe you see it and we don't.

2. How did you determine the integrated graphics was the only failure?
Once in a while I will get a machine that your story is told and we find it's a bad motherboard. Or they forgot to plug in the ATX12V connection. Or something else.

3. The board and CPU looks to be from 2015 so a low CMOS/RTC battery could cause it to power up but do nothing. I'd pop in a fresh battery, do the CMOS/RTC reset noted on page 1-19 of the English (2015) manual at

Copy from manual is blocked so you must read that page as it's not just a jumper and done!

Again, I worry that it's not just the failure you noted above.

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1. 2. 3.

by Ptools In reply to A few thoughts.

1. When I set up my profile, there were fields for bio, interests, current technologies, etc. I entered PC specs @ current tech.
But I don't see any of that when I look at my profile. Click the EDIT button & the fields are there...

2. I'm no tech BY ANY MEANS. When monitor was not getting signal from device, I checked cable connections, tried different cables, to no avail. Having been looking at buying a new monitor, I went ahead. Still no signal. My inexperienced assumption was that the integrated GPU had gone bad, so I ordered the card & put it in. Ran power cable from GPU 12pin to 8 pin at card. I purchased the computer new in 2015 & have never messed with ATX12V connection.

Q: when she boots up, should the fans in the card start up? They don't. Assumed they may come on when monitor IS getting signal...

3. I just replaced the CMOS battery & will follow the link you've provided.


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CMOS RTC reset

by Ptools In reply to A few thoughts.

Well, I followed the instructions on pg 1-19.

First method: unplug power; short circuit (bridge with metal object) pins 1-2, 5-10 seconds; plug in power, turn on, press delete to enter BIOS & re-enter data. Still, no signal to monitor, so no access to BIOS.

'If that method doesn't work': unplug power, remove CMOS battery, "move" pins again (assumed = short circuit again), replace battery, plug in power, turn on. Still, no signal to monitor.

Again, fans in GPU card do not come on. Should they?

Other fans do. While booting, seems to sound normal; at least one light on the board comes on for a couple-few seconds. Seems to be booting up. Still, no signal from device to monitor. (But what do I know?)

Looking forward to further guidance.

Thank you.

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As it sounds.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to CMOS RTC reset

It sounds like the PC itself has deeper problems.

As to the GPU fans, if this card needs a power supply connection be sure to check that out.

But as it sounds so far it does not sound as if it was just the onboard graphics had failed but something bigger than that.

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Deeper problems

by Ptools In reply to As it sounds.

Okay. Thanks a lot. I did run power from the power supply to the card.

Looks like I'll be dropping her at a repair shop this afternoon.

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks very much. Stay safe & well.


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