Integrated WebCam Not Working

By bdances89 ·
First I will give some specs, then further describe issue. (It's a little long, sorry!)

HP tx1000 (tablet PC)
Windows 7 OS
Owned for almost 3 years now

All righty, so the issue here is that my integrated/built-in web camera is not working (and I believe it recognizes it in Device Manager (DM) as 'unknown device') or sometimes just randomly 'decides' to work. This said, in DM, there is a USB port that has a little yellow triangle next to it called 'unknown device.' I have tried uninstalling it and rebooting, but most of the time it reappears and does not install the web camera software. I have clicked on the unknown device in My Devices and Printers and tried troubleshooting/finding the driver, but it always says that the drivers are up to date and there is an Error code 43.

I had my boyfriend (who is more computer savvy than I am) look at it via TeamViewer and he looked under the Registry and said that it was corrupt?

I'm not sure what to do because some days the web camera works (even when I have done nothing different) and sometimes it doesn't.

If someone out there who knows how to fix this, or give me some solutions, that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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Unless I am mistaken

by santeewelding In reply to Integrated WebCam Not Wor ...

Windows 7 went on sale in October of 2009, and you have owned the HP tablet "almost 3 years now".

What OS did it have and when was W7 installed?

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Windows Vista

by bdances89 In reply to Unless I am mistaken

It had Windows Vista originally on it, but I took it to a repair place (that didn't repair it at all... they kept it for a few months and did nothing, because the original problem with it was the wifi card not working and the web camera not working). But they installed Windows 7 on it...

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Which says

by santeewelding In reply to Windows Vista

If the camera was flaky on both operating systems, it may not be software-related.

Take it to a different place.

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I Was Hoping...

by bdances89 In reply to Which says

You wouldn't say that... haha. That was a last resort for me because I had high hopes there was a way (ANY way) to fix it at home. Guess not! Thanks anyways. I appreciate it.

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Well to find out what is Unknown you can always use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Integrated WebCam Not Wor ...

The Unknown Device Identifier available free here

The next problem is that HP doesn't offer any 7 Drivers for this unit so it's entirely possible that the Flaky Web Cam is related to this. There are a lot of Web Cams and Scanners which simply do not work with 7 that worked with Vista.

So Ideally i would start off by Backing Up all your Data & Settings and then use the HP Recovery Disc's to rebuild the system with the Originally Installed OS Vista.

You can get the newest Vista Drivers for this unit from HP here

It's quite possible that with a new Vista Driver the Web Cam may be more reliable but it's unlikely to work well with 7.

If you do not have a Recovery Set from HP you need to contact them and order one. If the Recovery partition on the HDD has been damaged or destroyed or the HDD failed you need to order a Recovery Set which HP supply at a nominal price. Though it can take a few days to arrive after you make the payment.

Of course if there where or are 64 Bit Versions of the OS involved here that could be the reason why things are a bit flaky. But again with Vista that should now be cured.


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