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Intel 21143 Ethernet Adapter driver

By Healer ·
I am in need of the Intel 21143 Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter driver for NT4. I wonder if anybody can help me. I have tried the Intel web site but couldn't find one for NT4.

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by TheChas In reply to Intel 21143 Ethernet Adap ...

Intel does not provide "reference" drivers for it's network interface chips.
I believe that there are so many options involved in implementing the chip that a "reference" driver would be of very limited function.

Looking over the data at Intel's web site, the 21143 was designed for use on CardBus based mobile Ethernet adapters.

If the device you have is NOT an Intel made adapter, you are best off looking up the manufacture at a site like and browsing their site for a driver.

It does look like Intel did incorporate this chip in what is referred to as either an EtherExpress Pro/100 or a Pro/100 CardBus adapter.*+4.0&lang=eng&strOSs=24&submit=Go%21

Keep in mind that Intel specific drivers may not install for a non-Intel product.


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by Healer In reply to

driver found and downloaded didn't work.

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by TheChas In reply to Intel 21143 Ethernet Adap ...

Apparently, the add comment feature is broken at the moment.

Anyhow, got your message.

"Reference" drivers are what chip manufactures publish as the default driver for the specific device. These are what Intel's chip-set drivers are. They are the default or reference drivers for the chip-set. A board or card manufacture often will use the "reference" drivers as a template for their own specific drivers.

While Intel publishes "reference" drivers for their motherboard chip-sets, they do not (at least publicly) offer "reference" drivers for their Ethernet Adapter chips.

"If" you have a genuine Intel PCI or PCMCIA Ethernet adapter, then you should use the driver for that specific Intel adapter.

On the other hand, if what you have is a third party Ethernet adapter, or an Ethernet adapter built into the motherboard or a laptop, you should look to the card or computer manufacture for a driver.

The Intel Pro/100 driver that I provided the link to in my first answer is for the one Intel made Ethernet adapter I found that uses the 21143 controller chip.

One problem I see in looking for a network adapter driver on Intel's web site, is that they refer to most of their Ethernet adapters as Pro/100.

Your Win 2K and XP setups are likely using default Windows drivers for the card.

Since it looks like the chip came out after NT was released, the NT driver set would not include a driver for it.

"IF" the card manufacture implemented the 21143 chip using the "standard" setup and configuration, the Intel driver should work.

Still, if possible, identify who made the card and download the driver from them.


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by TheChas In reply to

Hello again.

The "Add Comment" button is back, so perhaps you have the buttons to rate answers back too.

NOTE: You must be logged in to TR with the same user account that you asked the question from.

For each answer, you should have the option to rate the answer as acceptable or reject.

Once you rate any answer as acceptable, you must close the question.

As to the driver, I must conclude that you have a third party network adapter using the Intel chip.

Take a close look at the circuit board itself.
If the only part of the board with an Intel logo is the 21143 IC, your card is NOT an Intel manufactured network adapter.

Yes, Intel made the Ethernet controller IC. But, someone else manufactured the adapter card itself.


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by Healer In reply to

I thank you Chas for your help. I think you're right that the card may not have been made by Intel though the chip was. Anyway, I had searched everywhere and tried all available drivers. I have since taken the card out and moved it to another computer which did not have NT4 installed.

I have also found when I access the Tech Q&A page from the notification email, the "Rate this answer" and "Add comments" features do not appear. This time I select and click "My Tech Q&A". From there those features pop up.

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by overwrked1 In reply to Intel 21143 Ethernet Adap ...

Try searching for a Realtek driver for the 21143, it should work with NT4.

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by Healer In reply to

To what I could recall, Realtek driver was the one installed by default in the course of network setup installation. However, it didn't work.

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by overwrked1 In reply to Intel 21143 Ethernet Adap ...

NT4 installs the 21140 driver by default, these chips are made by DEC (historey)and require the specific driver for that chip in any setup. I'd check for the dec chip drivers or the realtek equivalents and try them.

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