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Intel ans probe

By bfairchild ·
When I sniff network traffic I see a lot of Intel ans probe packets. These are somehow used by intel NICS for failover redundancy. I'm seeing 20% of my packets as this? How are these packets used? Should I see this much traffic?



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by ctrservices In reply to Intel ans probe

The following link'Intel%20ans%20probe'
is the white paper concerning these probes.

Hope someone else knows whether or not you are seeing too many. Not my area of expertise.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Intel ans probe

While at first the 20% might seem high it really depends on how many stations are connected as obviously the more Intel Chip sets used the more Network Traffic there will be.

If there where only 3 computers involved I would be concerned about this amount of traffic but if there are up-wards of 50 involved I wouldn't be at all concerned unless you are suffering severe network problems in response time.

I would need to know more information about your particular setup before I could give you a more direct answer to your question. But because this is used as a safety feature it is quite possible to have that % of traffic involved even on a simple 2 station Peer to Peer Network it really all depends on the amount of traffic involved if there isn't a lot then the redundancy program will be working harder to keep the existing connections working properly and constantly checking for connectivity and similarly if there is a high volume of traffic the system is self checking to make sure that the data is not becoming corrupted during transmission.

While at first it might seem a large amount unless you are experiencing lag problems I wouldn't worry about it.


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