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Intel Celeron processor?

By rhys_thomas ·
Hey everyone, I have an Intel Celeron 430 processor with a clock speed of 1.80 GHz and a FSB of 800 MHz. But while browsing around i cannot find an upgrade for my CPU anywhere,

http://www.intel.com/products/processor_number/chart/celeron.htm and from the intel website itself it has no information for a higher processer of my proccessor brand, could anyone help?

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Processor doesn't matter

by cmiller5400 In reply to Intel Celeron processor?

The processor doesn't matter, the motherboard dictates what processor's you can use. What board do you have?

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My board

by rhys_thomas In reply to Processor doesn't matter

Well I'm using a program for this but here it is:

Manufacturer: Acer
Model: F672CR (RO1-A4)
Chipset:SIS 672
Southbridge:SIS 968


Brand: Phoenix Techologies, LTD
Version: RO10-A4
Date: 09/20/07

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As Acer do not sell M'Boards or even make them we need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My board

Thew Model of the Acer Computer here. But regardless you need to look in the User Manual that came with the computer to see if it is possible to change the CPU.

Some Computer Makers buy in M'Boards with the CPU Soldered to the M'Board and you Can not replace these CPU's when the either Fail or require Upgrading. While it is correct to say that this is determined by the M'Board we need to know the Make & Model of the M'Board not the Part Number from a System Makers.

You can download the Users Manual from here on the Acer Web Site but you'll need to enter then Model Type and Number to get it.


Unfortnatly many System Makers buy M'Boards from the Big M'Board Makers and they are built to order and not sold to others only the System Maker so the M'Board Makers offer no support for these M'Boards in any form they are the Property of the Company who Ordered their Manufacture and they are the ones expected to support them.

This one appears to be a MSI M'Board but MSI do not have any Information relating to it on their Web Site so you'll need to look at Acer for all your Answers.


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I bought a Intel Celeron 4 proccessor

by rhys_thomas In reply to As Acer do not sell M'Boa ...

I did buy a proccessor but it was an Intel celeron 4, when i placed it in my machine the fan sped up along with constant beeps. I'm sure the beeps mean CPU error

BTW i think my Proccessor is in the D family

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OK if it is the same socket type

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I bought a Intel Celeron ...

There shouldn't be a problem.

As for the beeps you may need to look in the BIOS and see what if any alarms are set. It could be a warning that the Fan is not connecting correctly to the M'Board and has no speed control. Or it may be connected to the wrong Fan Plug and the M'Board is reporting that the CPU Fan isn't working.

What you need to do here is post back with the Beep Code and the maker of the BIOS to see what is wrong.

You can look here for the Acer BIOS Post Codes if you have a BIOS Post Code on the M'Board or look under th BIOS Makers Name for the Beep Codes.



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CPU and beeps

by rhys_thomas In reply to OK if it is the same sock ...

When the old proccesor "Intel Pentium D 430" is connected there is no beep problem or Fan speed problem. It is only when the new proccessor is slotted it. Could it be the wrong type? I've looked around the intel website and as i can see there are no upgrades to my proccesor.

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OK this appears to be your CPU

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CPU and beeps


This is a Single Core 1.8 GIG with a 775 Socket. Now normally to upgrade this you can use a Single Core Pentium of Any Speed Dual Core Pentium again of any speed or a Quad Core Pentium again of any speed.

The limiting factor here though is not the CPU but the M'Board. Some have a limited ability on what they can use or the type of CPU that needs to be fitted tot hem. There may be a upper limit of 800 MHZ as the FSB and this M'Board may not work with a 1333 FSB or faster.

Now depending on the speed of the new CPU you may have issues with the FSB and the CPU isn't being driven to 100% of it's capacity and may be Overclocked by not having the correct settings in BIOS. You need to enter the BIS here and check the speed of the CPU and make sure that it's correct.

The alarm may be the M'Board attempting to tell you that it has a different CPU Fitted or it may be the wrong Voltage and it can be overheating the CPU which causes the CPU Fan to run flt out all of the time among other things.

Here it all depends on the M'Board involved and we need to work within the limits that are imposed by the M'Board.


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should be ok

by .Martin. In reply to Intel Celeron processor?

to upgrade to a newer celeron or even a Pentium 4 (if you can find one).

also found on the internet (search google) someone using an e8400

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