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    Intel D815EEA2


    by mihouser ·

    I am running Windows 98SE on a machine with a Intel D815EEA2. My problem is that when I restart the machine It will not fully start up. I get pas the POST but windows will not load. I get to the point where I see the “grayish” screen before it gets to the windows 98 login and stops with the hour glass and sits there.

    I have re-formated the machine twice now and loaded the apps and windows updates first and then loaded Symantec anti-virus and then Spybot S&D. It does not seem to matter in what order I load everything I get the same results. I tried to boot into safe mode and uninstall all the apps and anti-virus anti-spam but when I restart I get the same results.

    I have now booted into safe mode to install a BIOS update but the machine looks frozen. I am not sure what more I can try.


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      by mihouser ·

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      Windows won’t boot:

      by robo_dev ·

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      Bad RAM?

      Video driver version wrong?

      Is it possible you got a virus?

      To test the hardware, download and burn a bootable LINUX CD like Knoppix or Mandriva. If you can get Linux to work properly, then you need to do a repair-reinstall of Win98.

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      Depends on what you want to try

      by oh smeg ·

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      I really would suggest downloading either the Ultimate Boot CD or the Emergency Boot CD and test the hardware before proceeding any further.

      Emergency Boot CD is available from here Free

      Ultimate Boot Cd is available Free from here

      Download one or both of these make a CD and insert the newly made CD into the optical Drive and boot off it. You may need to change the Boot order to Floppy, Optical Drive, HDD to do this.

      When you have Booted off the CD test the HDD as that is my first choice as the system is actually booting till some software is installed. So I don’t think that it’s a RAM or M’Board/CPU Issue. Test the HDD, RAM and so on till you find the culprit and repair as necessary.


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