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So I had a whole bunch of great parts for PCs that work was going to crush, 2.6 Northwood, 1.0GB DDR333, 80GB drive, and an older Antec case. So I bought this Motherboard off Geeks.com - no matter what I do, the PSU comes on, even if I don't hit the power switch - or connect the power switch. I don't get a POST or anything. Nothing is listed on Intel.com - even though it is a "Made by Intel" board. Any IDEAS?!?!?!?!?

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OK while it may be made by Intel the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Intel D865PEMA - ISSUES

M'Board doesn't necessarily need to be a valid Intel Model number and could be some third party M'Board with an Intel 865 Chip Set.

The only thing that I can find on the Intel Site are directions for the Intel D865 M'Board but as you bought the M'Board you should have the Manual and CD for it and the solutions should be in there.

But Intel's directions for Optimising Desktop M'Board performance is located here


Now as far as your apparent problems go when you apply power with an ATX Power Supply it will quite often switch on and run the computer as all ATX Power Supplies constantly provide a 5 V DC Rail while the computer is switched off and the start switch produces a ripple on this power line which causes the computer to turn on. That part is perfectly normal so don't worry about it though the other things are not so good.

The first thing to do is to reduce the computer to the bare minimum and just have the M'Board, CPU 1 Stick of RAM and a Video Card if needed fitted and then try powering up. If it still doesn't work you'll need to look at several things starting off with the CPU and make sure that it's fitted the correct way in it's socket. As this was a throw away item it's also possible that the CPU was destroyed and doesn't work which can be said for everything except the M'Board so just about everything is of questionable quality considering if it actually works or not.

When you look at the CPU turn it over and look very carefully at the pins on it's bottom and make sure that none are bent out of shape or bent over. If there are any bent pins you'll need to straighten them up and I've found that a 20 thou Feeler Gauge works quite well to do this but you have to straighten in 2 directions and the second go should be at 90 degrees to the first attempt to straighten.

If the CPU is in correctly and everything else is seated properly and when you power up there are no Beeps from the system speaker it's possible that the CPU is shot.

In a case like this it would help no end if you could test the individual components and see what is and isn't working. Just because you have an Antec Case do not depend on the Power Supply being good as something they do fail so you really need to start off with a known good PS and a bare M'Board in some paper out of a case where you can fit the minimum parts and test to see if it works properly.

But basically if there are no beeps coming from the system speaker on initial boot that means one of three things isn't working 1 is the Power Supply, The second is the M'Board and the third is the CPU but this depends on having the speaker attached properly if it's not already soldered onto the M'Board.

Before you do anything else you need to make sure that all the front panel connectors are correctly orientated and fitted even if you are only using some second hand LED's a couple of Contact Switches which used to be used as Reset Switches in the XT days and a speaker of any type from any Computer case.

What you really need here is a working computer with the right type of M'Board to accept this CPU and test everything separately before attempting to assemble the computer.


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Still No go on Intel board

by riddler1 In reply to OK while it may be made b ...

CPU is functional, came froma known working dell. All other parts are know good, they all came out of our old Dell's at work (we get money every year to buy new ones) I also tried 3 power supplies - they all switch on, and stay on. The cpu fan comes on, the Video card fan turns one, and all case fans turn on - but no post, no beeping (speaker mntd to m'board)

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OK since you are sure that everything works

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Still No go on Intel boar ...

Remove the PS and M'Board from the case place the M'Board on some paper and plug in the Video Card and PS.

Then with a small metal screwdriver switch on the unit by shorting out the start pins on the M'Board if the unit doesn't start by itself and see if it works properly.

As you are not getting any error beeps or anything from this unit it may be something as simple as an hardware incompatibility between the M'Board and Video Card but you should always test out of the case before assembling. That way if it doesn't work you do not have to go through a lot of effort to remove the M'Board and it's easer to get at things and if when fitted to the case it doesn't work you know that you've done something wrong to prevent the unit from working correctly so you can isolate the problem and start to look for a cure.

Also while not very common with an Antec Case it's always possible that the Video card isn't sitting in its socket properly as the stand offs that are used to mount the M'Board may be too short for the case in question and is preventing any Daughter Cards to be plugged in all the way. This one is hard to see but needs looking at just to be sure that everything is correctly fitted.


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D865PEMA Working fine.

by richo21432 In reply to Intel D865PEMA - ISSUES

Hi, I've been able to get my D865PEMA board up and running at 3GHZ with 4Gig of ram and working better than any other computer I've ever had in the past, but not without an unbelievable number of headaches. If you want, I may be able to somehow post the drivers for this board so as to help everyone get through the enormous obstacle of getting this motherboard up and running.
I'll first have to figure out how to post it and how to get a confirmation email from this bulletin board named Tech Republic.

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