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Intel dual core performance issue solved, "dynamic acceleration"

By lsattle ·
At work recently I was provided a Dell latitude d830 windows XP machine that has an Intel T7250 dual core cpu with 4 gigs of ram.

It was taking like 8 seconds to open an internet explorer window.

I messed with options and hugely (like 2 seconds now to start ie) improved the performance.

The change that sped the machine up was changing the bios setting to disable dynamic acceleration.

This has me wondering if this fix applies to all windows / linux operating environments. Are others having similar performance problems?

update of 12/07/2010. The above information is not the real problem / real solution. The real problem was that the cpu was running like around 600mhz. I downloaded and ran cpuz that gave that type of number. What I've determined was the issue, is that the power plug / bios or something related made the machine run slow. I believe I have a bad solder joint or something like that. The battery was not charging for months. After replugging in? or joggling? the cpuz program now shows the cpu running at 1994.5mhz. I have great performance now.

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microsoft agrees this issue exists.

by lsattle In reply to Intel dual core performan ...

More info:
Note, this is a sp 3 xp machine.

Also, I just noticed this post on microsoft which seems to confirm the issue exists on sp2, why this is not fixed on sp3 I don't know.

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Could be application issues?

by Forum Surfer In reply to Intel dual core performan ...

I am by no means an expert in this matter. My understanding is that this setting enables a multiplier when one core is being utilized and the other core is idle. Essentially, it overclocks the one core when it is the only one in use, maximizing potential for single threaded apps.

Now if you have an unstable app eating up the processor, I am not sure if dynamic acceleration "releases" this setting and switches back to the regular dual core and clock settings if the single core is locked at %100.

You got me, that is above my knowledge and I haven't cared to research it. All of my home intel rigs run fine with it enabled, all are vista x64 or *nix 64. If your pc runs better with it disabled, so be it brother! Sorry I'm not much help on the matter!

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