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    Intel Express 510T switch problem


    by bobmollyralph ·

    We have Intel Express 510T switches in stacks of 7 and 6 in 2 wiring closets, and individually in 2 other closets. An Intel Gigabit fiber switch and a fiber patch panel feed all of the closets. The physical layer fails, sometimes often and at other times stays up for weeks. Sometimes all network communications are lost, and at other times only partially. Powering the switches off and on fixes the problem. We run Intel Device View 2.1.15. It shows that all switches are functioning sometimes and at other times gives conflicting information when viewed from different PCs. We have not enabled the spanning tree algorythm on any of the switches, but I’m fairly sure that this is not the problem.

    Is it possible that one bad switch or Ethernet port could bring down the entire physical layer?

    How can we isolate the problem other than through trial and error?

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      Reply To: Intel Express 510T switch problem

      by ccase ·

      In reply to Intel Express 510T switch problem


      We run the same switch and we are also having this problem after upgrading to the latest firmware.

      Have you figured out what the issue is?

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        How about power conditioning?

        by bobmollyralph ·

        In reply to Reply To: Intel Express 510T switch problem

        Since this switch problem has occurred after both the Thanksgiving and Xmas long weekend breaks,and not since, I think that the problem might be caused by uneven electrical power being supplied to the switch as a result of large machinery being powered on after the holiday breaks. The switch in question is in the factory production area. It is in a ventilated cabinet, with surge protection, but is not on a UPS. I’m not too sure about this and won’t have a long weekend break again until the end of March. Is your situation similar?

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