Intel hack, can intel run hyper-transport

By robot_man ·
Can an intel CPU be hacked to run Hyper-transport?

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To answer your question, a possible yes, if you are in the know. :)

If you can crack the processor(s) please post it. :)

Hyperthreading and Hyper Trasport are 2 very different technologies. Hypertransport are high speed interconnects through which the processor communicates with the components on the MB. It replaced the front side bus(FSB) on AMD K8 based systems....

A processor with Hyper-Threading enabled is treated by the operating system as two processors instead of one.

Hyper-threading relies on support in the operating system as well as the CPU. Conventional multiprocessor support is not enough to take advantage of hyper-threading.[1] For example, even though Windows 2000 supports multiple CPUs, Intel does not recommend that hyper-threading be enabled under that operating system.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Intel hack, can intel run ...

This is giving me a headake just thinking about the kind of hack you are looking for... Probably not considering Hyper transport isn't just a memory bus. It's a peripheral interconnect bus. AMD processor cores talk to each other over a hyper transport link, bypassing the memory bus.... Intel is designed to use the FSB which everything goes through... If you are able to reprogram how an Intel chip works... Send your stuff to Intel Im sure they will give you a nice chunk of change...

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Well technically Hyper-Transport

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Intel hack, can intel run ...

IS an AMD Technology in answer to Intel's Hyper Threading Technology.

If the CPU is HTT Compliant and most from the 200 MHZ Pentium are with the exception of some Celeron CPU's it should already be available at the Hardware level if no where else.


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by robot_man In reply to Intel hack, can intel run ...

i'm sorry for the title i thought HTT meant Hyper-transport.

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