intel i7-640M labtop VS Quad Desktop

By The-Eagle ·
Which one is better an intel i7-640M labtop or an intel Daul Quad Desktop?(For heavy work like virtual machines)

I don't have good idea about them especially the second one...

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to intel i7-640M labtop VS Q ...
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by The-Eagle In reply to i7

First Thank you for your reply...
I always hear Desktops are better than labtops for heavy work that what make me ask that question in the first place.
So why did you say i7?

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The easy answer is the Desktop every time

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to intel i7-640M labtop VS Q ...

They have the ability to be far more customizable than a NB ever could be. They have far better cooling and far more resources available to them than a NB can.

The only advantage of a NB is that it is mobile which can be important for a worker who needs it but when it comes to Power Processing a Desktop will always beat a NB every time when they are of similar specification. The fact that you can always make a Desktop more powerful than a NB doesn't hurt either.

You can modify a Desktop to suit your changing needs where as with a NB what you bought is generally speaking what you have and you can not change anything much except the HDD and RAM. But with a Desktop you need a different Video Card all you have to do is change it, You need a different CPU just change it provided that the M'Board supports it. Add as much RAM as the M'Board can carry and the OS use and with modern Hardware that means 16 GIG in a Desktop and at best 8 GIG in a NB.


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This one

by NexS In reply to The easy answer is the De ...

Pick this one.

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Need your advice

by The-Eagle In reply to The easy answer is the De ...

I went to a computer shop and they told me that I cannot upgrade quad PC to i7 in the future?! Is this true.If he said yes I was going to buy it immediatly!
I asked them to give me the motherboard name but they refused they said they don't know.I found one at their shop Quad Q9... I don't remember it exactly with a good price 2800SR = 747$ with ATI 1GB graphics card and it is HP desktop but he said it is equivilant to i5 and cannot be upgraded to i7 ?!!
What do you think

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I'm not really sure what you are asking here but if it's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Need your advice

Can I replace a Core Duo Quad with and i7 Intel CPU then the answer is no you can not.

The Quad Core is a Socket 775 CPU and the i7 is a Socket 1366 CPU. Obviously a 1366 CPU can not fit into a 775 Socket. There is also a 1156 CPU Socket which may be what you have but the same applies.

As for a Good M'Board I love the Gigabyte units. They work a treat and I've never had any major problems with them over many years of use.

But if you have a System Makers unit then the shop is unable to give you a M'Board Maker as the System Maker buys directly from the M'Board Maker and they buy "Specials" which are not sold to anyone else. Most M'Board Makers do not offer any support for those Specials and if really pressed will tell you to look at the place who commissioned them to be built.

The other thing is that the Socket 775 and 1156 CPU M'Boards are generally speaking Dual Chanel M'Boards and the Socket 1366 are all Triple Chanel M'Boards which means when properly configured they are Faster than the Dual Chanel units. It also means that they are More Expensive to correctly setup.


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I choose the Cheaper

by The-Eagle In reply to I'm not really sure what ...

Thank you for your replay and great explaining.I think I will buy Quad for cheaper cost.But is the cost I mentioned above is OK or expensive for a HP Quad Desktop?

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I'm probably the wrong one to ask about price

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I choose the Cheaper

Mainly because I no longer deal with the Big Makers on anything but a very limited range of NB's and even then I really prefer the Gigabyte units which are not currently Sold to the Mass Market.

But it sounds reasonable as just the M'Board, CPU, RAM and Case/Power Supply would come to more than that. Of course the stuff that i would use is better quality so that counts for something.


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Thank you

by The-Eagle In reply to I'm probably the wrong on ...

Thank you very much for your cooperation..You helped me out all the way..

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Your Welcome NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you

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