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Intel-Mcafee. Don't need security on computer anymore

By Rockaby ·
I think the logic is to combine security on the chip. Imagine if you don't have to buy security software and install it on your computer. It will be in the chip itself. It would be hardware based security instead of software based security.

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Interesting concept, but.....

by robo_dev In reply to Intel-Mcafee. Don't need ...

If the OS is on a storage device then, for all intents and purposes it does not matter where the software that protects the OS is installed.

If the idea is to 'bake in the security', then the real value is gained when you 'bake-in the OS' (embedded OS).

If the OS is embedded, then you do not need about 90% of what the security software does. (see chicken and egg problem)

For example, it's much harder to compromise a Live Linux distro on CD-ROM, versus a Linux install on a hard drive, as you need to compromise code in memory. Even the best hacker cannot write data to a read-only device such as a CD-ROM or an embedded OS on a ROM.

The downside to embedding anything is that updates are more difficult and less frequent.

Arguably, if it's 'done right', then your embedded device is 100% secure, airtight, and unsinkable. But the ocean floor is littered with ships thought to be unsinkable.

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Not without providing an OS as well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Intel-Mcafee. Don't need ...

Not to mention a static one.

Make it updatable, entire concept negated.
Even if you put a physical gate on (almost certainly firmware), the first thing appliance users would want is not to be bothered with it.
Find a web page update your security chip, goodbye security....

Anyone who buys into this idea, would you like a bridge to go with it?

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how about

by Jaqui In reply to Not without providing an ...

beautiful ocean view property in 5 acre lots?
just off the coast of Florida.

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Sounds very nice.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how about

I'll offer you an ultra secure OS/platform, that will never need to be updated for each plot.

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