Intel Q6600 High CPU temps

By rivrbyte ·
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Happy Holidays to you!

The adhesive was three strips that was on the bottom of the heatsink,which was a STOCK HSF. I thought I seated the heatsink firmly down, and they still feel tight. Maybe I should invest in a good 3rd party heatsink fan...I really don't want this new CPU to FRY. It should self shut off if it gets too hot anyway..right? or does it just fry and then I will have to but a new one?

Q6600 seems to be Very Hot! What are the normal CPU operating temperatures?

I installed the DualCoreCenter Temp monitoring software from the MSI (Micro-Star) Mobo Utility Disc and I also downloaded CORETEMP (v0.96) software to see what B gwan'on, and it shows that all four Cores are listed,
frequency is 2402.43 MHZ,
Platform is LGA 775,
VID is 1.2375v
and the following temps:

Tj.Max - 212 F 100C

CORE #O 142 F / 60C
CORE #1 138 F / 59C
CORE #2 126 F / 52C
CORE #3 124 F / 51C

INTEL CoreDuo2 Q6600 2.4 Kentsfield Quad

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Not overly hot

by OH Smeg In reply to Intel Q6600 High CPU temp ...

If you look in BIOS you will see the Temp that the M'Board shuts down on if it is Enabled. Even if this function isn't enabled you can still see the actual CPU Temp. Also the Max Temp that the CPU shuts down on is 75 C. I seem to remember that the Temp Range to Shut Down starts at about 65 C and has a Max of 75 C but you should check that out yourself. However I set all my computers to around 70 C and add case fans to circulate more air through the case.

As for setting the M'Board to shut Down in an Overheat Situation you need to set this in BIOS and at the same time enable the CPU Fan Alarm so that you will get an Audible Warning if the CPU Fan starts to run slow. Remember to save your changes as you exit BIOS.

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I agree

by tintoman In reply to Not overly hot

Those temps seem pretty much ok to me

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Thanks smeg

by rivrbyte In reply to Not overly hot

On the CORETEMP Software, it reads the CORE #0, 1, 2, 3, and on the top is TjMax temp of 212f...what exactly is this reading?

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I'm not exactly sure as the Temp of all the Cores should be very similar

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks smeg

They are after all on the same piece of Silicon and in the same package.

On the Dual Processor units that I use a lot I see the different CPU's maintaining very similar Temps and they are totally separate. I would imagine that the Different Cores here would behave in a similar manner. Just like the Dual Cores do.

Or it may just be some Fuzzy Logic being used to generate the different Temps of the different Cores.


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by willcomp In reply to Intel Q6600 High CPU temp ...

If those temps are at idle or light load, they are high. If they are with CPU loaded (e.g Prime 95 test or gaming), then they are normal.

Light load temps should be around 40 degrees C or less with stock HSF.

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Nu CM HYPER TX2 HSF..trashed the stock intel

by rivrbyte In reply to Intel Q6600 High CPU temp ...

Everything is going to be O....K.....I keep telling myself that.
Ok,Thanks for that.

No, instead of checking the Bios,I decided to remove the Stock fan, clean the CPU,and I bought a Coolermaster HYPER TX2 HSF.


But, I resign the fact that I am Not a gamer,am Not going to overclock,and don't need a super-duper backstrap under the Mobo Cooler for the other words,too lazy to remove all and put all back.

I dabbed the AS5 onto the cooler, followed the des(in)tructions and positioned the pins correctly,placed the cooler over the CPU,and as I noticed before, how was I going to use a flat screwdriver to tightened the pins on two of the sides,they have that annoying dispersement plastic sheild,which in in the dang way! I thought it would be easy just to push down the pins until they LOCK.
I think the Fan separates from the top,but with my luck, I'll snap it off and break something.

Sooooooooo, that's what I'm up to as of this point. trying to mount this bad boy. Another feature good or bad, is the fan is facing to the side and the picture shows the fan pointed towards the memory slots. I did however bought another 120mm top case fan for extra cooling.

SOOOooooooooooooo, if anyone has a MSI Platinum P-35 Mobo, and a Hyper TX2 HSF...any suggestions would help... Thanks again to all who replied to my original posts!

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Pushpin HSF's HYPER TX2 onto a MSI Board

by rivrbyte In reply to Nu CM HYPER TX2 HSF..tras ...

About trying to get this HYPER TX2 to work..... it's something about beating a dead horse???? I guess.

....Also, Was it presumptous to think I would need a screwdriver?

All I have to do is find the right sequence making sure the pins are unsprung and just push them onto the Board? I have tried twice already with the arctic5 thermal paste,and I'd hate to scratch the CPU up more than I should.


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Zalman Fans suck air in or ****?

by rivrbyte In reply to Intel Q6600 High CPU temp ...

Hi all, and thank you for your two cents!

Well, I took back that Coolermaster TX2 pushpin HSF and bought a ZALMAN CNPS9500 >

Someone said,

"Note: the fan of the 9500 is facing the memory, but it sucks in air so that it creates a "wind tunnel" effect. The air travels through the fins and then to the exhaust fan. " Is this right?

And I say...So, the fan sucks in, and I was thinking it would **** towards the memory slots, but the fan is really reversed, sucks in and heated air blows out the back exhaust fan? (opposite the fan Prop blades)...In other words, install the prop fans facing the memory slots?

I really don't mean to seem stupid here, but when it comes to this, I do appreciate the help..BIG TIME. I did not know that fan sucks in,,I thought it blew out?Thanks again!

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The Fan Sucks

by willcomp In reply to Zalman Fans suck air in o ...

Got to use an interesting title.

Air is blown over the heat sink fins and exhausted. All the HSFs I've seen **** air into the heat sink -- they suck in air.

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Thanks Willcomp

by rivrbyte In reply to The Fan Sucks

Sorry, I was not trying to be funny,just to the point. I'm almost ready to remove everything off the MoBo and wanted to make sure of the direction of airflow. I did not know the fan goes backwards toward the rear case exhaust. Thanks!

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