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inter-operating system communication

By trebork ·
I play Scrabble on line - Windows PC to Windows PC. I want to use a tablet (Samsung galaxy 10.1 or iPad2). Unfortunately neither is suitable. Can anyone tell me why they won't play with a Windows PC and , if possible, what software (if any ) is necessary to enable the game?

Any and all suggestions most welcome.

Bob Kirkwqood

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Bob neither of the devices in question run Windows

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to inter-operating system co ...

They run their own OS's which are radically different to all forms of Windows.

To do what you want to achieve here you will need the Scrabble game written for the OS of the device you are using which can then be interfaced with a Windows PC to get your required result maybe.

Porting any program from it's native platform to another isn't either easy or cheap so the easy answer here is that maybe you would find things easier waiting for Windows 8 to become available and then buy a Tablet Device that Runs Windows 8.

I'm not sure of how well it will work as Windows 8 is still very much in the Pre Beta Stage of Development and while it currently appears to work well with Touch Screens by the time it reaches Release to Manufacturing RTM it will be radically different and may not suit Tablet Platforms or the then available hardware. But it may work perfectly to.


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Online? Is this a web-based game?

by seanferd In reply to inter-operating system co ...

Perhaps a Flash game? (There goes the iPad option.) Is it hosted on a web server, or are you playing a locally installed game in a peer-to-peer manner over a network?

You'll have to describe how the game uses a network a little, and/or just point us to the actual game itself. There shouldn't be any OS network communication issues in most cases, as networks are generally OS-agnostic.

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