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inter-site replication

i have 16 sites, 1 per office (UT1 to UT16). The offices are connected via FR in a way that there is a FR from UT1 to every other office(UT1-UT2,UT1-Ut3,etc) and the same for UT2 to the rest of the offices. How many site links should i create? the privous SA have only one site link where he included all of the sites, but i wonder if it would be better to create a site per FR, this will give me 30 site links 15 for UT1 and 15 for UT2, is that the right way of doing it?
and, if i create the 30 site links do i need to create site link bridges or the bridge all site checkbox will take of this?


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by BFilmFan In reply to inter-site replication

Is it Windows 2000 or Windows 2003?

Is Default Site Link Bridging enabled?

If so, the the KCC will handle the replication and default site link bridging.

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by REZUMA In reply to

The default site link Bridging is anabled, it is windows 2000.

DCs (the KCC) do NOT create "Site Links" -- the
admin does that.

The KCC uses the Site Links to create CONNECTION
objects between DCs.

So the main thing i need is to know how many site links do i need to create.

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by REZUMA In reply to inter-site replication

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