Inter-vlan routing

By jeichande ·
i create 3 vlan?s ( vlan2, vlan3, vlan 4) in 2 catalyst 3550( one is server and other is client) and assign a range of ports. I use the same network id: and already made trunking between the switches. The pc?s in the same vlan can connect with each other.

My question is, how to configure inter-vlan routing to make vlan 2 communicating with vlan 3?


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IP routing

by Churdoo In reply to Inter-vlan routing

The only way I've seen this done is by using a different subnet for each VLAN, assigning IP to each VLAN interface accordingly, and you can then enable routing in the 3550 to route between the subnets.

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Inter- Vlan Routing

by azeemengg In reply to Inter-vlan routing

You have create three Vlan, vlan2,vlan3 and vlan4. you assign the ip range for all three vlan like that vlan 2 start from and vlan 3 start from and vlan 4 start from
Switch (configt)#
Switch (configt)#int vlan 2
ip address address
Switch (configt)#no shutdown
Switch (configt)#exit
Switch (configt)#int vlan3
Switch (configt)#
ip address
Switch (configt)#no shutdown
Switch (configt)# exit
Switch (configt)#ip routing
Switch (configt)#router rip
Switch (configt)#network

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by NetMan1958 In reply to Inter- Vlan Routing

I would either
(a) If you need to stick with 33 for the third octet in the ip address, change the subnet mask to That would give you - - -**

(b) Keep the mask and change the third octet in the ip address for 2 of the subnets - - -

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intervlan routing

by teaml8ians In reply to Inter-vlan routing

for inter vlan routing to work each vlan should be in a different network.
first configure the vlans 2,3,4 in three different networks and now as you have already enabled trunking between the two switches create subinterfaces on the trunk ports and enable routing on the sub interfaces.

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Do it Cisco Way

by BizIntelligence In reply to Inter-vlan routing

The following article explains how you can do that with the devices similar to yours:**86a008015f17a.shtml

If you need general information for InterVlan Routing then go to:

Good Luck !

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