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    Interactive training modules NOT using Flash


    by notagenius ·

    I need to create some INTERACTIVE training modules (popups, rollovers, drag and drop, multiple choice, animation?), but they MUST NOT be based on or have anything to do with Flash (unfortunately).

    Does anyone have a suggestion for what would be the best program to do this in?

    Thank you.

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      Seriously? You want interactive and NOT Flash?

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Interactive training modules NOT using Flash

      I don’t know of any product that does this and I’d imagine if you can find one, it’s going to be VERY expensive?

      On a side note, why not Flash? Do you work for Sandia Labs or a contractor for Sandia?

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      What about

      by dr dij ·

      In reply to Interactive training modules NOT using Flash

      products like Camtasia? they record the screen. Have seen them used to create tutorials.

      Maybe they convert it Flash? Don’tthink so but could be wrong.

      There are tons of learning frameworks you can buy. I’m sure they vary widely in price, and some don’tuse flash.

      I’m sure there are websites and associations devoted to training pros. Why don’t you find orjoin one?

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        but they won’t be interactive

        by jmgarvin ·

        In reply to What about

        As far as I know you have to convert to flash to make it interactive.

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        by notagenius ·

        In reply to What about

        Yeah, I have thought about Camtasia. I looked at a movie that had been generated using Camtasia, but I’d really like more user interaction. Seems like Camtasia is more of a “sit back and watch” instead of a “hands on” software.

        p.s. I thought I had already submitted this response, but still haven’t seen it posted. If it comes up twice now, my apologies.

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          Right it’s sit and watch

          by jmgarvin ·

          In reply to Camtasia

          I’m not sure where to point you. You might want to post this in questions to see if you get any more answers.

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