Interbase .gdb problem.

By leo.jussila ·

I have a huge problem, and i really need it fixed.
Therfore i am turning to you guys for help.

We got this videorental store, and it uses a program called "Filmtoppen" and it uses Interbase and .gdb database files.

I've tried alot of different programs, but most of the programs that say they can repair is not shareware, but you have to pay, and it's not a small amount of money we are talking about.

So here is the question.

When i start the program and i let it load an old database file from a while back, it works.
But when starting it with the new file it does not work, it does not show any error messages, but it jsut wont start, blinks and turns off. we got an old program with most of the information in it, but different database files, so we would have to do it manually, and that would take weeks.

So im asking

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Here is the question....

by bart777 In reply to Interbase .gdb problem.

How much will it cost to rebuild the inforamtion into the older DB versus buying the software to repair the GDB file??

Interbase is it's own animal and not as robust as otehr database programs. When things go wrong they usually go very wrong.

I would hope that there is a more recent backup of the GDB file that you can use that would only require you to reenter a few days worth of work. If not then they have learned another valuable lesson.

Sorry to sound a bit harsh but you're up against the wall on this one.

I hope you can find a good solution for this one that won't break the bank.

Best of luck

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Another question :)

by leo.jussila In reply to Here is the question....

Alright, thanks for the help.
I found this program that could maybe fix it, but it can't load the metadata of the .gdb file.

IDBDRepair or something.

Do you know a way to maybe access the metadata and make it availble, cause the program that is supposed to fix is costs 2400SEK, and that is probablly around 220dollars, and it's to much for us, we are a small company.
The thing is, it never fucked up before, and we had made a backup, but it's not just a few days work, it's a few weeks, if we didn't have had that backup it would have taken maybe months.
The thing is, it's a video rental program, and all the customers is not registered now and maybe 4000 movies are not registered, so thats what i have to do if i can't find a solution, when i had added all the movies almost finished, i had been sitting for about 19 hours maybe, and still wasen't finished, and that was extreme, now it would take a few days to finish it, because the broken .gdb file was not finished.

Sooo, it's like, fix the file, and i might be finished in one week with what has to be done, not fix it, and i got weeks and weeks infront of me.

So again to the question, could anyone help me to make the metadata of the .gdb file accesseble?

Ooh, now i have another question to.
Sorry if im babbeling and if im not that easy to understand, im swedish :)

Is there anyway to convert the Excel files and access files to .gdb? :)

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