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Interdev setup vs IIS 5.1

By programmeroo ·
I have recently started working at a site where asp (VBScript) is the language of choice. They use notepad to edit scripts, and have never heard of source debugging, or Interdev.
I have installed Interdev on my workstation, but the debugger doesn't load the script pages. I have debugging enabled on IIS (ver 5.1).

When I start debugging on a simple script, I get: Unable to set server into correct debugging state automatically. You may not be able to debug ASP pages....

I recall something similar to this when I installed Visual Studio.NET on my laptop with IIS 5.1. It had something to do with the order in which I installed the programs, was overwriting the Front Page Extensions.

I'm sure someone out there has seen this problem.

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reinstall components

by ltalpos@njleg In reply to Interdev setup vs IIS 5.1

After installing interdev 6 on windows 2000 PCs, we had the same error message. One of the developers found the microsoft knowledgebase article to correct the problem: 259063. If you are not using Windows 2000, the issue may still be similar. Basically, we were told to remove and reinstall the remote machine debugging, and the Visual Interdev Server. The other possibility was that the Com+ setup was not successful - if ~clbcatq.dll exists. That needs Knowledgebase article 246499.

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Thanks for the post

by programmeroo In reply to reinstall components

They say lightning doesn't strick twice... A very similar (unrelated) problem has occurred on my laptop, with VS.NET, on Windows XP. I can no longer debug asp.net applications. I suspect the latest Windows Update made IIS uncooperative. I reinstalled both IIS and VS.NET, and the Framework Service Pack. Still unable to set IIS into debug mode.
I will search MSDN for related info.

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Clobbered by the Windows Update

by programmeroo In reply to Interdev setup vs IIS 5.1

My laptop uses Framework v1.0, I guess I shuold get around to doing the upgrade...
The security update: MS03-032 clobberred the framework admin login. Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 827641

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