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    Interested in cyber security? Don’t repeat my mistake and study it.

    by darkedge ·

    Hello everyone,,,
    The cyber security degree is a scam. There is a high demand for people who specialize in cyber security but the degree in cyber security is worthless.
    In cyber security they teach you very basic attacks and how to avoid them. But this knowledge is worthless since these kinds of attacks don’t work since they are documented and well known. People who make websites rely on templates that have guarded themselves against these kind of attacks. You don’t need to program a backend that stores your passwords hashed and salted because the solution for those backends are open source and only need to be applied. Even if for some reason the company does not store their things securely a cyber security (under)graduate is worthless because he doesn’t know how to code. And the guy who knows how to code didn’t need a cyber security (under)graduate to tell him that this was done bad.
    In order to be a cyber security specialist you need deep knowledge about how certain things work. And by knowing how these things work you can formulate a unique angle of attack. https://showbox.b
    In small and mid sized companies you don’t see someone tasked to do only cyber security. Most of the time the guy works in IT and when there is a security flaw revealed he fixes the flaw. And in big companies where the guy is tasked to do only cyber security the guy is not a cyber security (under)graduate but someone with years of experience.
    I’m about to get a Bachelor in cyber security and have been looking for a job. Have gone to several interviews but I don’t have deep programming skills or server management skills. The more I dabble into IT the more I realize how little I know. Looking at my fellow students who study an IT related field of study I see they have the same cyber security knowledge as me but on top of it they are good at programming, doing server things, etc. Their grades may be worse but they are more suitable to be hired into a company.
    It isn’t that the university I’m in is a scam. My fellow students who study something IT related but not cyber security are fine at finding a job. The people who already work but are doing the cyber security courses to advance inside their company are fine. But the “kids” who jumped straight into cyber security because it sounds cool and are now about to graduate have problems at finding a job. They need to supplement their CV with skills learned outside of the university that shows they know how to program and work with servers..

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