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interesting article.

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Good luck

by JamesRL In reply to interesting article.

It would require an interesting amount of programming to allow user to install their own "valid" apps, and block invalid ones.

The only way might be to have a program which allows "approved" apps on an updatable list to be installed, but nothing else.

The real answer to this is to use thin clients and terminal servers to run any and all business applications. On a server you can much more easily control the user's desktop environment. That way even if they do load something funky on their local PC, it won't affect their ability to do their job. If there is a problem, just reghost the disk, and let them log back on to their terminal session where all of their apps are waiting.


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If they want it DeFATted

by Dr Dij In reply to interesting article.

they should call L0PHAT

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Well off the top of my head

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to If they want it DeFATted

1) stop using windows.
The rest of them will require some thought.

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look at the comment

by Jaqui In reply to Well off the top of my he ...

I put on the article on the AUS site.
since what they want is a very slightly modified standard linux distro. ( only mods being a couple of config tweaks )

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by Black Panther In reply to interesting article.

We don't want much in Australia do we??? :)

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