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Interesting DC vs. Exchange

By dhuffine ·
Has anyone ever experienced this siutation? It's not really a "problem" per say because I've figured out how to get around it, but I just thought it was interesting.

I have 3 DC's, DC01, DC02, and DC03.

DC01 = Authentication and DNS
DC02 = Backup Authenication, NO DNS, and Live Communciation Server 2005
DC03 = Exchange.

If I create a user in the AD on DC01, then they will not be able to have Exchange email, I have to create the user on DC03/Exchange, in order for email to work. Even going through Exchange tasks and Create Mailbox, does not work, it says that it works, but 3 days later and the User still has no email.

Anyone ever run into that before?

All Servers and Exchange are 2003

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First, welcome to TR.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Interesting DC vs. Exchan ...

Welcome to one of the less formal corners of the web. If you get bored, click the FAQ link in the upper right.

I recall reading that Exchange shouldn't run on a DC, only on a member server. Hang out around here long enough and you'll come to realize that what I remember usually isn't much.

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Good Call!

by dhuffine In reply to First, welcome to TR.

I just checked my AD, and Here for whatever reason i've been thinking I had a DC03, but I do not. Exchange is infact not on a DC, thanks for making me think to look at this. I never really thought to look.

Understand with my AD questiosn and what not, that I came to this company 3 years ago and worked under our Orginal Systems Admin, once he left I didn't feel confident enough in my knowledge to take up the position and so they hired someone else, that person lasted 8 months and in those 8 months updated us to everything 2003, kept all his information to himself, changed how everything worked. And left.

Now I have medium skills with AD, I can figure things out and what not, but the last 2 months have been the only time where it has fallen on my head to be 100% in charge of the AD, so I'm starting fresh and working off of other peoples messes :)

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Exchange Tools

by retro77 In reply to Good Call!

If you want to create mailboxes on the DCs then install the Exchange tools. I dont recommend this as I try to do all administration from a client PC.

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I think retro's got something.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Exchange Tools

Are you familiar with MMC? Download the Server 2003 Admin Tools plug-in for MMC. Then get the Exchange tools from your Exchange installation CD and install them both on your desktop. The S03 Admin tools lets you run ADUC from your local computer, and the Exch tools plug-in adds the capability to create the Exch account in conjunction with the new user account.

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by retro77 In reply to I think retro's got somet ...

Why thank you, Palmetto. Daddy didnt give me much smarts.

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AD & Exchange Mail Boxs

by CG IT In reply to I think retro's got somet ...

Normally, when you create an account in Active Directory and also choose to create a user mail box on Exchange, using the new user wizard, said wizard communicates with Exchange Server to create the user mailbox.

If you have to manually create a user mail box in Exchange on the server that hosts exchange, then there is some form of a communication problem between the two servers.

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by dhuffine In reply to AD & Exchange Mail Boxs

Thats what I'm thinking, when we ran all 2000 servers we had no problems like this, when we upgraded to 2003, and converted exchange 2000 to exchange 2003, it start happening like this.

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Can not initiate email

by rand2527 In reply to AD & Exchange Mail Boxs

I have recently added SBS2003 after installing and adding a single machine to the domain it stopped sending email with the POP3 account. I can reply but cannot initiate email


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Connect the users to exchange. maybe

by LocoLobo In reply to Good Call!

Seems to me there was some way to connect a mailbox in exchange to a user. If you right click on the mailbox "reconnect" appears. Or try the "Exchange Tasks". Not sure where its at.

BTW; our system has exchange on our only DC. Not sure about the requirements. Now I will have to look it up! We're using Exchange Server 2003 with W2k3 server.

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can you create the mailbox and user from exchange?

by LocoLobo In reply to Interesting DC vs. Exchan ...

Just a thought. Let us know what happens. I'm still just learning.

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