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Interesting Deletion Error (non-business software)

On my personal PC I've been playing a game called Fallout3. So if you're not into gaming, don't read further.
This game is similar to Oblivion. Users can create MODS, little additions (some are huge, over 500MB) to the game; there's many websites where you can read about them and download them. I had 150 MODs loaded in and I was loving it, each MOD has been downloaded and used by thousands of people and all mine were running wonderfully well; it all is managed through some fantastic user-written utilities. Most MODs are Zip or RAR files, you just decompress them to the proper place and you are good to go.
Some are self-installing EXE files. A small one called the CUBE Experiment, was OK, but I decided to remove it. Since it registered as a "program" inside of Windows Add/Remove list, I used REVO Uninstaller to remove it. When it finished, it had deleted over 6GBs of the entire game; since it was too big for the recycle bin, it was simply gone. Don't get me started on file retrieval, IT NEVER WORKS - you get 30-40% crap results, I know, I lost an entire drive last year with all my images, and I have yet to fully even review the files, there are so many.
Anyway, I am moving on, will not re-install the program, and caution you on using an uninstall program with any MOD in any game, I guess is the conclusion. I should have just left it alone and made it an "inactive" MOD (easily done with a check-box entry)and gone on. Don't know who to blame, REVO, the MOD, the installer, Windows, or what - I'll take full responsibility and leave you to ponder this cautionary tale.
One other possibility is the curse I live under, I have PC issues no one has ever even heard of, and I half believe in it, the curse.

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Boy, after that diatribe, I need a break...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Interesting Deletion Erro ...

I have used file retrieval utilities successfully before. It all depends on whether or not you have used the drive after the file(s) was/were deleted. If the drive failed, then all bet's are off. That is where backups come in to play.

There is always risk of a drive going bad, or an uninstall crashing a system or making weird changes.

Backup, backup, then backup again to make sure.

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