Interesting Netfinity 5000 problem...

By bbourgoin ·
I recently acquired a Netfinity 5000 (8659-22Y). I'd like to use it in my netork as a proxy server running Win XP and WinProxy.

I'd also like to ditch the SCSI. Granted it's faster, etc. But, for my purposes, an IDE HDD will do just fine.

1. Can I safely run the server with the SCSI backplane unplugged and removed?

2. I purchsed an Adaptec Ultra ATA controller card (ASH-1233). With it, I can partition, format an IDE drive and then boot from it no problem. The problem comes when I install WinXP. When the DOS portion of the install is complete, it reboots and goes and loads a few quick DOS items and I get the Blue Screen of Death I presume when it goes to jump into the Win enviro. Anyone know what's going on there?

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Bad driver?

by ritosh In reply to Interesting Netfinity 500 ...

Often the Blue Screen upon bootup relates to a problem driver. What do you see in the way of bootup messages? I believe Netfinity 5000 system BIOS automatically looks for a SCSI controller card on bootup. If it can't locate one it will show a brief error message (black screen white letters), and a CTRL key sequence to bring up the controller setup, although the system will continue through the boot sequence so you might miss it. Do you get any kind of prompt regarding the Adaptec controller, and is the driver from a disk or download?

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