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    Interesting Technology to Third World Schools


    by ddsperusrl ·

    I Think, this is a good opportunity to transfer technology from “First World” countries to “Third World” countries. With this situation, they not only can brings software, they transfers obsolete PC processors to our countries (The transport is the first problem, but it can be solved if exist a convenient deal).
    With this action they could be sawing the seeds to obtain more Linux expert programmers and they can be create small business of software development.

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      extra info – possably

      by lumberjack ·

      In reply to Interesting Technology to Third World Schools

      I have not long finished a contract where a large number of older but still functioning PC were replaced at a large international company.

      We were told that the PCs and laptops were being returned to the PC manufacturer so that they can be shipped of to charities etc in the 3rd world.
      The information source and the PC manufacturer are the same.

      the above post however seems that in may of been part of another thread, but there you go

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