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Intermitent boot hangup

By paulbickelmann ·
I have a fairly new computer that has a full time virus and spyware scanner. When I start it up, about 50% of the time, it hangs up for about 4-5 minutes at the black Windows XP screen; the one prior to user logon. The tape below the Windows XP logo intermitently travels across, then hangs. Any ideas what is loading at this stage of the boot process and how could I attempt to fix this?

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by Ken_shin In reply to Intermitent boot hangup

Try to check if the fan is spinning when it hangs. Check your hdd maybe its a sign of failing disk.
Check your bios setting or upgrade your bios.
Do some test by restarting your pc.
If you're desperate enough the best option is to format. Hope it helps.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Intermitent boot hangup

Check the event log to see if there are any error messages relating to the boot problem.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Intermitent boot hangup


As well as checking your hardware (you should run any hardware diagnostics from the BIOS screen), you should also click Start, Run and type

sfc /scannow

then click OK.

Also, run chkdsk /f to check for any filesystem errors on the disk.

Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Intermitent boot hangup

Start off by booting into Safe Mode and running both AV and Spy Ware scans and not the MS Spy ware scanner as it's useless and will not pick up anything.

If things come up as clean boot in normal mode and run DEFRAG several times and see if this improves the problem.

If it doesn't have any great effect download The Ultimate Boot CD and run some diagnostics off the CD but you'll have to set it as the first/second boot device. Also download the HDD makers diagnostic utility and run it as well just to check out the HDD it could be failing.


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