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By lucyarias ·

I have a really uncommon problem that is already causing lots of issues in our business.

We have our main offices and from there remote sites connect to the internet using the proxy and DNS servers.

All, main and remote offices are having connection drops every morning between 6 am and 8 am. No 'big' nor 'robust' processes or network traffic is going on at that time. This started on July and it's still going on.

Even people connected trhough VPN has this problems but only in the mornings.

the connection drops are felt within the browser mostly. No email or Remote Desktop or VPN connections are lost (to put an example).

Our internet infrastructure consists of two proxy devices in series; one "Internal" proxy inside the network firewall on the business and one "external" proxy in a DMZ zone outside of the business network of the network. Only the external proxy actually has the ability to communicate with the internet. And, only the internal proxy actually has the ability to communicate with the external proxy.

Looks like this:

End User <--> Internal Proxy <--> Firewall <--> External Proxy <--> Firewall <--> Internet

This is a Corporate Business approved and standard design for businesses that run their own internet proxies.

So, what do we know

The ISP providing our internet connection is not the problem.
The "External" proxy is not the problem.
The Firewall(s) is not the problem.
The connection between HQ and the remote sites is not the problem

Our internal proxy is a BlueCoat SG800 Series, and we have opened a ticket with BlueCoat, but so far it's been two weeks of captures and traces without any real input for them. This is getting frustrating to say the least.
Has anyone had these kind of problems before?
Any idea what could be going on?

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