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Intermittent Connectivity with Wireless

By smicinski ·
I have Window XP on my computer and had an older version of Linksys's WMP54G wireless adapter in my computer. Everything worked fine until I gave it to my kids and bought a newer WMP54G card and installed it. It seems to work fine and everything says it is working until I lose connectivity to my router. This happens at no particular interval but usually 5-60 mins after starting the computer. I lose my connection and then it re-establishes itself after a minute or so. I have been on Linksys site including chat but nothing seems to help. I have updated drivers and checked everything I know to do but still losing connection. Help please!

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by willcomp In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

A shot in the dark. Has your PC changed position or have you changed position relative to PC?

I have noticed that if anyone stands between my Linkys wireless USB adapter and receiver, signal is lost. Penetrates concrete block walls, but not the human body. Go figure.


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by smicinski In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

No, nothing has changed. I have also tried changing channels but that does not help. Strangely the older version of the card installed in my kids computer is farther away and more walls between them and it never goes link dead.

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by wbaltas In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Have you tried installing XP service pack 2. We had a similar problem with about 20 laptops, and this solved the problem.


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by BuffaloDan In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Does event viewer show anything?

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by rrspeed In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Since you have two g-class NICS...did you try switching them? See if one is better than the other... Also, how about moving the PCs closer to the wireless router. See if the same problems arise. Last you, per chance, have any 2.4 Ghz wireless phones? That will play tricks on your wireless connection in a heartbeat!

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by rogerg In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Hi, what your problem seems to be is the the zero wireless configuration utility in windows xp2. Disable it and then after reboot instal the utility that came with your net work card. This should stop the drop outs. Its a well known problem with xp hopefully to be rectified in the next service pack.

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by rogerg In reply to

Also wireless networks work along the same wavelength as microwaves. The shorter the wavelength the greater the attenuation risk. The human body is about 90% water and will attenuate the signal much better than a brick wall (no water)

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by lumpyhed In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Have you made sure power saving on the device is disabled? if its pci then it should be in the nic configuration panel, if its usb then you might want to check the usb port in System and make sure it won't power down there.

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by penguinvitamins2 In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

I'm experiencing the same with an older C-Net 800 Gateway (802.11b/g), with the device only a few meters away (no blocking of any kind). This AP is in a office as part of a small pilot. My PC cards are Gigabyte & SMC .

The A/P is set up use 802.11b and g. What I think is that when a 802.11b device enters the range of the A/P it adjusts itself to the lower throughbut 802.11b frequency band. I've read somewhere that when one 802.11b is brought up where all other devices talks 802.11g, it degrades any 802.11g service to that of 802.11b. (unconfirmed)

Try setting your device to only 802.11g and if available set your PC card to maximum power output. Or if your older PC card is b, you probably have to lower your newer card to that.

Regards - Stefan

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