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Intermittent Connectivity with XP

By smicinski ·
I have a Linksys Router WRT54G and a Linksys wireless adapter (WMP54G). Both worked wonderfully with no problems under Windows 98SE. Then I upgraded to Window XP Home Edition and suddenly the card started losing connectivity every 5-60 mins. Time frame between drops is always different but somewhere in the 5 to 60 min range. The signal strength is fine and the card never indicates a problem under Windows system manager. An upgrade to SP2 did nothing to help the problem. Linksys support has not been able to help either. I even purchased anothe card to try and it is doing the same thing. Another computer with an older version of the adapter WMP54G is working fine and never losing connectivity so I am guessing its not a router problem. Help please!

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by dustyD In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

You can always try upgrading or downgrading your firmware/drivers for the PCI card. Many times makes a big difference.
Ensure that your adapter is not trying to connect to another network nearby.
Also think about any cordless phones or other high band devices nearby that may be in use when you lose connection.
Lastly, since you are using wireless-G only, try making that selection on the router if you haven't already.
Hope something here helps, if not let us know what else you've tried.

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by diskaus In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

You say you upgraded from 98SE, did you just install over the top of 98SE or did you do a fresh install of XP? If you just installed over the top with out formatting first that is more than likely where your problem lies,Xp and anyother version of windows for that matter always behaves better if you do a clean install not upgrade, I suggest you backup all files and third party drivers and do a clean install.

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by ReWrite In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Here's a link to a forum where most users are having the same issue. Some solutions worked for some users, others for others. You might find a solution that works for you:,9500878



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by smicinski In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Well, I've tried everything I could find that has been suggested here and at DSLReports and nothing helps! AGGGHHHHH!!!

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by smicinski In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

Thanks ReWrite for the link but nothing there has helped either.

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by philldmc In reply to Intermittent Connectivity ...

A couple of things you might want to try first make sure you tell windows NOT to turn of the power to that adaptor.

Under Device Manager right click the network adaptor and click properities. Look for the "Power Management" tab, under this tab will be a place that has a check mark allowing the computer to turn off the device to save power.

Also take note on the Windows 98 machine you needed the 3rd party software where as Windows xp wants you to use their built in Wireless software. You can disable "Use Windows to configure Wireless Network" and just use the 3rd party software. See if that helps.

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