Intermittent drops in internet connection

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We are experiencing intermittent internet connection drops at one site with over a dozen computers. The users really notice the drops as they RDP into an offsite terminal. During troubleshooting we observe that while running ping tests all day, we get not virtually drops until people start coming into work in the morning, and things return to normal when they are gone at the end of the day.

We are running ping tests to a couple outside sources ( and either so I can confirm that resolving domain names is not an issue. We have also confirmed that the connection issue stops when we take the internal network off of the internal router as far as we can tell. During those drops internal pings to the router and modem stay up 100%.

We have had our ISP to tell us that the problem is internal as when he has the modem plugged into his laptop alone, he has no issues.

Are we stuck having to troubleshoot each device on the internal network one by one? Is their any possibility that something is going on with the modem reaching out to the internets when it has a bit of a load going through it? Any tips/tricks to help find the issue device that may be causing issues, software tools that may help? We are going in after hours tonight to troubleshoot the issue further, hoping we can find the culprit and that it is not an employee phone or other portable device that is causing issues.

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