Intermittent network issue, exhausted all resources - please help

By JoshDean1 ·
I do IT consulting work & technical services mon-fri but because I do not have many clients yet so I work security over the weekends. That said, my weekend employer has used my services a number of times for tech related matters but this time Comcast destroyed the network and the fix is beyond me.

Comcast came in and replaced the modem/router and immediately left having wiped out all of the existing network configuration and leaving everything broken. From time-clocks & cameras to copiers I had to bring them all back online. I managed to do so but we are having an intermittent problem on our guard shack PC dropping the camera feeds due to network connectivity.

They have a CCTV system recording to a DVR which can be accessed from the security guard post PC remotely to control the cameras.
This PC (local IP is dropping network connectivity to DVR system ( for anywhere to 1-3 seconds anywhere from 3-10 times per hour... The PC is Windows7 and the software used to access the DVR is NVMS-1000 which uses port 80 and 6036 by default. I have enabled port forwarding on the router for these ports. I must have tried 25 different things from antivirus, firewalls, TCP/IP settings to NetBios/power management settings I even opened DMZ to DVR( but one thing I remember is reading some things about problems between IPv4 and IPv6 tho I still haven't been able to resolve the issue while researching this avenue...

If I run a constant ping from GuardPC( to DVR( I will get steady replies until the network issue happens which will start with multiple "General Failure." ending with "Request timed out."

I only recently discovered, that if I run a ping on an outside website like I get "Request timed out." ALWAYS..... EXCEPT during the moments when I am getting "General Failure." on the local ping, I also receive it on the out-of-network ping. I think this may be the key to unlock the problem but I am not an expert on network configuration I am primarily a programmer with jack-of-all-trades levels of experience in many other technical fields.

Someone more experienced network experts may pick up on things I've missed. You're input is welcomed, thanks to all!
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