Intermittent problems VPN multiple subnets

By Bob_da_Builder ·
I have a problem that has been causing us an issue for a while. We have VPN's running from our head office to several of our sites. These VPN's terminate at the remote end on Cisco 1841's and on Microsoft ISA 2004 at HQ.

Our headquarters network consists of three subnets .177.0 .100.0 and 10.0
Nearly all the traffic from the remote office is to the .177.0 subnet and by and large that is fairly reliable.

However access to the other subnets from the remote sites is very hit and miss, there can be several hours a day when no contact can be made from the remote site to the other two subnet. Even though the VPN is up and access can be made to the .177 subnet.

Also if I try to start a ping from the .100.0 or 10.0 to a remote network after one timeout I start getting a reply.

Can't see a reason why this isn't working it appears to me that it's almost like something is 'forgetting' how to route to the two troublesome subnets. The problem subnets aren't accessed in the normal course of events from our remote sites. If anyone has any suggestions of where I should start looking for a solution to this issue I would be grateful.

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